Strike Plan

Monday April 29th

  • I plan to work at Sheckler starting about 10:00am on going through things and getting the space ready for the return of our props and set pieces.  Any member who is available to help will be welcomed.
  • Monday evening all members will report to the High School and sign in.  Kathi Metzler will assign them to the various groups listed below.  She will also supervise the loading of vans and trucks.  She will try to send as many things to Sheckler as soon as possible and reserve the large truck for the final trip.
  • Everyone will help to clear the stage and wings of everything but the set pieces that need to be taken apart.
  • Jon and Bob will organize the removal of the backdrops followed by the disassembling of the set pieces.
  • Diane and Jenn will gather props which will be sorted into things that need to be returned, discarded, or packed for storage.
  • Linda will work with me at Sheckler.
  • Kathy Butz will supervise taking apart the Christmas decorations and packing them for transport.  She will also gather the items she loaned us.
  • Brenda and Annette will supervise the cleaning of the two dressing rooms and the ticket booth.  She will also gather the clothing racks, dressing screens, and mirrors for transport to Sheckler.
  • Susi and Darice will organize the scenery storage room so it is ready for flats and platforms.
  • The sofa, chandlear, clavinova will be taken to Kathy Butz’s home.
  • The two round end tables are going home with Brenda.
  • The punch bowl and cups, the 2 standing Christmas decorations, and the side office chair are going to Bill’s house.
  • Once things begin to be transported to Sheckler a crew needs to be sent to unload and put away.
  • Radio station mike stands belong to Scott.
  • As set pieces are being taken apart, lumber that is going back to Sheckler needs to be sorted into same kind piles.  Wood that is in the shop needs to be pulled and sorted for transport.
  • When finished the shop, stage, pit, and wing space needs to be cleaned.
  • If not done on Sunday the auditorium needs to be mopped and vacuumed.

Tuesday April 30th

Costume return at Sheckler and complete anything not finished at High School

  • Set up at 6:00,  returns begin at 6:15
  • Brenda will be taking care of money and Annette will be taking care of costume return.
  • Bill will be in the basement finishing putting things away and getting ready for costumes.
  • Help will be needed for Annette and Bill.