Annie Warbucks Audition Information

Open Audition Roles

  • Oliver Warbucks; (older male) sing “A Younger Man”  dialogue Act I pages 60 to 70 and Act II pages 68 & 69
  • Mrs. Kelly: (middle aged woman) sing “But You Go On” dialogue Act I pages 60 to 70
  • Peaches; (teenage girl) sing “Love” Reprise dialogue Act I page 28-30
  • C.G. Patterson (boy or girl) sing “Love” dialogue Act II pages 1-8
  • Alvan Patterson (adult male) sing “Somebody’s Gotta Do Something” dialogue Act II pages 1-8
  • Ella Patterson (adult female) sing “Love” dialogue Act II pages 1-8
  • Commissioner Doyle (older adult female) sing “Above the Law” dialogue Act I pages 60 to 70
  • Simon (adult male) dialogue Act II pages 68-69

General Student Audition; sing “Love” reprise dialogue Act I pages 28-30

General Adult Male Audition; sing “Somebody’s Gotta Do Something” dialogue Act II pages 14 -17

General Adult Female Audition; sing “Somebody’s Gotta Do Something” dialogue Act I pages 34-36

Available minor roles  for adult males; Fletcher (Warbucks”s driver), Harry (a clerk in Doyle’s office), Price And Waterhouse (Warbuck’s accountants), Trainman, Hoboes, Mr. Stanley (Alvin’s boss), Senator Vandenburg, David Lillianthal, Office staff, Household staff, Man in the Stetson Hat (the vice-president).

Available minor roles for adult females; Dr. Whitileby (child psychologist), Miss Clark (works for Doyle), Hoboes, office staff, Househod staff, Gladys (Whitehouse office secretary)

Male and female teenagers can be servants and hoboes.

All will be guests at the party and the wedding.

Adults who were in last year’s show and are not interested in a major or minor role do not need to audition.  However they must complete an audition paper tonight or at auditions.

Pre-cast roles from last year’s production

Annie; Calla Shander and Christina Concilio

Molly; Hanna Kurczeski and Shelby Wandler

Tessie; Gwen Polles and Ashley Gallagher

Pepper; Celia Doll and TBA

Grace; Sue Matol

Drake; Roger King

Roosevelt; Bob Heffelfinger

Auditions will take place on Sunday November 10th.

  • 2:00 general kids
  • 2:30 specific kid roles
  • 3:00 General Adults
  • 4:00 Specific Adult roles
  • 7:00 necessary callbacks