Production Meeting Sunday 2/28 beginning at 4:30 in Sheckler’s cafeteria.
Help is needed at 12:30 Sunday to fold up the backdrops and plastic and prepare the cafeteria for rehearsal.
Last call for Bios, please fill out the online form or send to Bethany at

I would first like to begin by saying how much I appreciate the support I have received from members helping with Saturday tasks and providing wonderful lunchtime food.  I do however have a concern I would like to share with you.

Volunteering for Saturday work time is highly valued and appreciated, so I make it my responsibility to plan each week’s tasks and make sure direction has been provided and necessary materials are available.  Each week has new tasks which require different skill sets.  I never want any member to come to a workday and find nothing for them to do.  That is why I weekly list the tasks to be addressed and ask members to respond if they plan to attend.  Those numbers are also important to make sure there is enough lunch for everyone in attendance and the committee heads have an idea of how many workers they should plan for.

On our last workday we had several members attend who had not responded by email that they would be attending.  We also had several members report to the High School to volunteer where we were only doing construction.  This created a difficult situation to find things for individuals who could not participate in construction projects, since nothing else was planned.  Also individuals who were willing to assist with construction projects did not have their own screw guns.  We do have most tools, but personal screw guns should be brought from home if you have them.  We do not have extra.

In the future please respond if you are able to attend a work day and indicate what projects planned for that week you are willing to assist with.  As we get further along with construction there will be more things to paint which most can do.

Plan for Saturday 2/20

Backdrop painting at Sheckler beginning at 8:00am
Construction projects at the High School shop beginning at 9:00am
Help is also needed Friday evening from 7:00 to 7:30 to set up the cafeteria at Sheckler for backdrop painting.