Additional help needed this week

First of all I would like to thank everyone who helped Friday and Saturday. I started with 4 pages of tasks that needed to be addressed. At 6:00pm Saturday night I re-did the list and it is now only one page. That does mean however that things still need to be done before dress rehearsal next Sunday.

  • During the day on Tuesday Brenda and I will be working on the statue costumes, the nursery beds, and the carpet bags.
  • Tuesday evening we need volunteers to hang our two backdrops and construction workers to finish the final set piece. Please email me if you can help.
  • Wednesday afternoon and evening we will hopefully complete all remaining tasks. If you are available to help let me know. I will better know what is left after Tuesday.
  • Friday evening from 6 to 9 we will set the light cues. We will need volunteers to move the scenery and represent the performers on stage. Please email me if you can help.
  • Saturday morning I would like to set up times to airbrush the statues in their costumes. Please let me know what time you would be available and we will create a schedule. I’m thinking about 20 minutes each.