First Rehearsal Information

The first rehearsal will be on Thursday January 5th at 6:00 pm in the Sheckler Elementary school gym.  Parents of student cast members are asked to stay for the first  45 minutes.

  • We will begin with introductions
  • Collect remaining paperwork and fees
  • Review work day procedures and workday lunches which will begin on Saturday January 7th
  • Take measurements of those cast members who were not measures at packet pick-up
  • Review rehearsal procedure and schedule
  • Make sure everyone has all the rehearsal material they need.
  • All student cast members will be assigned an adult partner who they work with during all music rehearsals (please see post below)
  • Following the general meeting we will hold a music rehearsal which will include all large group numbers
  • This Thursday the entire cast will meet in Sheckler’s Gym at 6:00 pm. Parents of student cast members are also asked to attend the introduction portion of this meeting.  Please bring your packet, pencil, and highlighter.  Copies of the attached rehearsal schedule will be available.
  • Saturday January 6th from 9:00 to 4:00 we will hold our first workday starting at the High School. At this point my plans are to transport items from Sheckler to the High School and items from the High School to Sheckler.  For this task vans and pickup trucks are needed.  Please email me if you can help.
  • I would like to take the three backdrops that need work to Sheckler as early in the morning as possible so that Paul Kressley and Rick Eckhart can review them and form a plan for working on them.  They will need 2 to four additional individuals to help lay out the drops and fold them back up.  Help will also be needed to bring down paint from the high school that will be needed for painting in the coming weeks.  Please email me if you are willing to assist them.
  • We will plan to hold our first workday lunch.  Volunteers will be needed to bring main dishes, side dishes, and desserts.  Volunteers should see Diane Ledesma at Thursday’s meeting.
  • At the High School we may assist Drama Club volunteers to hang backdrops for Grease.  We also need to pull platforms and flats from the scenery storage room.  If Bob Heffelfinger is ready we will begin the base structure of the castle and go for supplies.
  • If Annette and Brenda are ready we will begin organizing costumes for the villagers for future fitting days.  Also fabric and trim can be selected for enchanted character costumes.
  • So far I have three volunteers to help on Saturday; Linda Shultz, Scott Shander, and Amy Trocki. Please email me if you are available to assist.