Music Rehearsal Assignments

During all music rehearsals, students cast members will sit with their assigned adult rehearsal buddy as listed below.  Adults will be able to assist student cast members during music rehearsals, resulting in a more organized, effective, and productive rehearsal.  If changes to the list are necessary they will be made by Kathy Butz and Mike Fister.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Music Rehearsal Buddy List
Serena Hurtig and Kylie Toth with Darice Hoffmann

Kensington Matol and Brielle Matol with Sue Matol

Lyla Schneck and Lilianna Trocki with Trish Ninos

Maxine Kovacs and Angelina Dries with Kim Labezius

Hailey Grays and Rylee Ahart with Karen DeLabar

Katie Coughlin and Taylor Blose with Denise Schlonecker

Lauren DeLong and Ally Paulson with Jessica Englert

Jane Armbruster and Ava Gower with Denise Kuhns

Hailey Falzone and Marina Falzone with Tammy House

Trent Herman and Sky Bechtelheimer with Kristen Riedy

Jared King and Nicholas Riedy with Bob Heffelfinger

Calla Shander and Caitlyn Ahner with Victoria McKee

Abby Piotrowski and Lauren Reichard with Karen Reichard