To help cast members rehearse their music at home, we have rented the RehearScore for your personal computer.  This program will provide you with the exact music you will hear at dance/movement and music rehearsals. The program takes less than a minute to load to your PC or MAC computer.  If you have a laptop computer, bring it Thursday evening and you will have the opportunity to download this program to you personal computer.  If you have a desktop computer you will need to see me to make arrangements to take the disk home to download to your desktop computer.  You must have a CD drive to download this program.  Last year some cast members did not have CD drives and needed to use a portable CD drive.  If anyone has a portable CD drive and could bring it Thursday that would be great.  I will continue bringing the program CD to every rehearsal and workday until everyone has downloaded the program.  Please plan to get this done as soon as possible.