Plan For Saturday January 7th Workday

Construction Crew; Bob Heffelfinger, Scott Shander, Jeff Reichard, Jim Englert, Bob Nolter, Bob Kurczeski, Jeff Paulson, Don Ahart, Devin Windish, Scott Reph

·         Assist with the move of items from the High School to Sheckler and items from Sheckler to the High School.  This will be done first, but will not involve everyone.

·         At Sheckler assemble Tavern tables and benches and take them up to the stage. Bob Heffelfinger will assign who will work on this task.  Workers will need screws and screw guns.

·         At Sheckler disassemble the drop down table and take usable lumber to the High Bob Heffelfinger will assign who will work on this task.  Workers will need screw guns.School.

·         Bob will assign a group to pull the needed platforms from the scenery storage room.

·         The storage room will need some organization and platform risers in the stage right wing need to be stored in the scenery storage room.

·         The spot light in the stage right wing need to be taken up to the second floor light booth.

·         Some organization of the shop needs to take place.  Backdrops from the wooden shelves need to be taken to the metal shelves where there are empty spaces, then that shelving unit needs to be covered with sheets.

·         (36) 6” wooden 2”x 4” blocks need to be cut and handles need to be attached to them so that they can be used for practice Sunday for the Tavern Mug number.

·         Bob will instruct individuals to begin working on platforms for the base of the castle.

·         Bob may need to send individuals for building supplies.

Backdrop work; Paul Kressley, Rick Eckhart, Linda Shultz, Darice Hoffmann, Amy Ahart, and Tonya Helton

·         The village backdrop from Cinderella, the Waldorf backdrop from Annie Wabucks, and the Dungeon backdrop from Shreck, need to be taken to the Sheckler gym. Once there, each drop needs to be open for Rick and Paul to study and then folded back up and placed on Sheckler’s stage.

·         In Sheckler’s basement the large plastic needs to be located and taken to the stage, and placed with the backdrops.

·         As Paul and Rick are reviewing each drop, a list of paint colors needs to be made.  Once that task is completed for each drop the crew need to go to the High School and gather what paint, brushes, pans, rags, etc will be needed for working on the backdrops and transport them to Sheckler’s basement and load them on carts, ready for the first painting session. Linda Shultz can guide the group in these tasks.

·         If time permits, two or more individuals can go to Lowes and purchase needed paint.  That paint will then need to be taken to Sheckler’s basement.

Costume work; Annette Englert, Brenda McGuire, Amy Trocki, Karen Reichard, Kim Fickes, Marcy Shander, Sharon Reph, and Sheila Gower

·         Costumes that were pulled from Sheckler must be brought to the High School.

·         Costumes that were pulled from the High Costume room need to be taken to the hall.

·         Brenda will assign a dressing room to cast where selected costume items can be stored for future costume fitting sessions.

·         Everything should be hung on racks for easy sorting and selecting.

·         Bins of vests, skirts, hats, and shoes should be sorted through with those items selected for possible use being hung on racks in the dressing room. Items not needed should be placed back in their containers and restored in the costume room.

·         Annette, Brenda and Bill will go through the costume racks and pull additional costume items that might work for the show.  The goal is to have everything we plan on having for cast members to try on, placed in the assigned dressing room.

·         If time permits, volunteers can go with Annette and Brenda to sort through the material donations recently received, that is at Sheckler.  Material of no use to us at all should be discarded. Material that can be used for the show should be packed and taken to the High School, and material that is good for future use should be packed and stored at Sheckler.  Also our storage of material should be gone through for possible use or storage of new material.

Prop Meeting, Bill, Laura, and Kathy Butz at 2:00 pm in the High School classroom next to the shop.

Thanks for your willingness to help.  Please make sure to check with your team leader if you are not sure what you need to do.  In most cases I have more tasks than can be completed in the day.  That is done on purpose as to make sure there is work for everyone for the full time they have to devote to the work day.