Thank you and Update

Thanks to the over 30 volunteers who helped complete all the planned tasks for today. Also thanks to the many individuals that made our first workday lunch so delicious with great variety.

Monday, January 16th the costume committee would like to meet with all student cast members at 6:30 before their scheduled music rehearsal at 7:00 to do a quick costume fitting.

On Saturday, January 28th the costume committee will be fitting all villagers. Men and Jared, Nicholas, and Trent need to report from 9:15 to 10:15, Serena, Kensington, Kylie, Brielle, Lyla, Lilianna, Rylee, Ava, Hailey Grays, and Jane need to report from 10:30 to 11:30, then all women and Lauren Reichard, Abby, Megan, Caitlyn, Calla, Angelina, Katie, Taylor, Hailey Falzone, Marina, Sky, Lauren DeLong, and Ally should report from 1:00 to 4:00. PLEASE WEAR SHORTS AND T SHIRT TYPE TOP SO THAT YOU WILL BE ABLE TO TRY ON VARIOUS COSTUMES WITH OUT USING A DRESSING ROOM.

If you were unable to attend Thursday’s meeting, please see Kathie Metzler at your next rehearsal to pick up paperwork that was handed out.

There are still 4 cast members that need to pay their fees. Please take care of that ASAP. If you still have paperwork that you did not turn in, please do that ASAP.

Adults who are enchanted characters and were added to Act II scene 2 and did not pick up the music for “Human Again” and script need to do so at their next rehearsal.