Costume Fitting Reminder and Saturday Workday Update

All cast members are expected to report for costume fitting this Saturday at the High School.  The only two cast members that are not needed are Belle and Gaston.

  • 9:15 to 10:15 Men and Boys
  • 10:30 to 11:30 Young girls
  • 1:00 to 3:00 Women and older girls
Please plan to stay until you are excused.  Please report at your assigned reporting time.
Work Day Assignments

Sheckler set up and backdrop painting crew; 5 volunteers requested
  1. John Concilio
  2. Kathy Zaraza
  3. Amy Ahart
  4. Rachel Butz morning / Brady Love afternoon
  5. Kathy Hassick morning / Kristopher Swanson afternoon
Construction crew;
  1. Bob Heffelfinger
  2. Larry Labezius,
  3. Brady Love morning after costume fitting
  4. Kristopher Swanson morning after costume fitting
  5. Don Ahart
  6. Bob Kurczeski
  7. Ron Dries
  8. Jeff Reichard
  9. Jeff Paulson
  10. Scott Shander
  11. Bob Nolter
  12. Scott Reph afternoon
  13. Jim Englert
The crew will work on castle steps, Belle’s bed, fireplace unit, Chips cart, assemble table, dungeon, and pull needed flats and platforms from the storage room.
Dani Burker will assist Kathie Metzler with backdrop painting and getting selected items from Sheckler to the High School assisted by Tonya Helton
Lisa Reph and Sharon Reph will assist it costumes and work on plate costumes.