Saturday Workday 2/11

  1. For main dishes I have Kathy Kurczeski bringing Mexican Chicken and Kathie Metzler bringing Sloppy Joes and rolls
  2. For side dishes I have Marci Shander bringing cabbage and noodles, Karen Coughlin bringing deviled eggs, and Vickie McKee bringing mac and cheese
  3. For Desserts I have Corrie Toth and Vickie McKee bringing a dessert of their choice.
  4. I also have Karen Reichard bringing some food items but I don’t know what.
Please email me if there are any changes to this list or if anyone is willing to add anything.  Thanks.
Work crew
  1. Construction; Don Ahart, Les Toth, Jeff Paulson, Jeff Reichard, Larry Labezius, Bob Kurczeski, and Bob Heffelfinger
  2. Backdrop Painting and drawing; Paul Rickey, Rick, and John Concilio
  3. Costume work; Betsy, Annette, Leslie, Amy Ahart, Karen Reichard
  4. Plate Painting; Kathy Z., Karen Coughlin, Vickie McKee,Kathy Hassick
  5. Trim organizing Sharon and Lisa Reph
  1. Construction: finish the fireplace, make Belle’s bed, finish stage work, build the roll on table with opening for Chip, cut out forks. Anyone who is able to help would be appreciated.  Please email me.
  2. Backdrop work: Paul, Rickey, and Rick will work with the help of John Concilio on completing the drawing of the village and castle drop and work on painting.  No additional help is needed.
  3. Painting: detail painting on the six large plates.  If you can help, please email me.
  4. Organization: one or two volunteers are needed to organize all our boxes of trim and accessories so that we will be ready to embellish our enchanted costumes.  Please email me if you can help.
  5. Costumes: we need help cutting material for more capes, napkins, carpets, silverware, and tapestries.  Four to six volunteers are needed.  Please email me if you can help.
  6. Food: we need two volunteers to bring main dished, two to bring side dishes, and one to bring a dessert.  Please email me if you can help.
Don’t forget the Production meeting this Sunday from 4:30 to 5:30.  All cast members and parents of student cast members are required to attend.  Topics being covered; shirt and sweatshirt orders, ticket sales, program ads, February and March hoagie/pizza sales, costume update, workday update, and parent supervision for the High School rehearsals.
If you did not submit you Bio to Bethany, please do so this week. Submit your bio here.