Silk Screen Shirts

After the meeting yesterday, several people asked if it was possible to order the regular Beauty and the Beast t-shirts with the full design across the front of the shirt and the list of all the former CAST productions on the back.  YES, we can! However, we need a minimum of 24 items to place the order.  To determine if we have enough orders to fulfill the minimum, please submit your order via email to: SUE MATOL at on or before Thursday, February 23rd

When ordering please make sure to include:

  1. Name
  2. Phone number
  3. Types of shirt(s)
  4. Sizes of shirt(s)

We will collect payment once the order is confirmed to meet the minimum requirement.

T-shirt                          $10            Youth Large / Adult Small to 5XL

Crew sweatshirt         $15            Youth Large / Adult Small to 5XL

Hooded sweatshirt     $20            Youth Large /Adult Small to 5XL.

Submit your order to:
SUE MATOL at on or before Thursday, February 23