Work Assistance needed

  1. I need painters to paint the castle set. Possible times; Monday afternoon, Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday afternoon and evening, Thursday afternoon, or Friday afternoon. Please let me know if you can assist during any of these times.
  2. We would like to finish all construction work before next Saturday.  We are planning construction work sessions for Tuesday evening, Wednesday evening, and Friday evening.  Please email me if you can assist.  So far I have Bob Heffelfinger and Ron Dries all three days, Bob Kurczeski Tuesday and Wednesday, and Jim Hoffman Friday.
  3. I would like to hang the town backdrop Wednesday so I will need several people to assist.  However, grommets will need to be placed in part of the drop and the extension.  We need to do that before Wednesday evening.  Please let me know if you can assist.
Special THANKS to all who helped this week.  Much was done and we will have full use to the set for today’s and all remaining rehearsals.  In addition, the costume committee continues to work on the vast collection of costumes.  Keep checking your emails for information on fittings for your specific costume.  Props are almost completed and for the most part, should be used for all rehearsals.