Family Night Meeting Recap

FAMILY NIGHT is fast approaching and we need your help to make it a success. In cased you missed the meeting about it, I’ve recapped the meeting for you! Read on to find out how you can help us out! (Side note: Also, let me know if you want to walk in the Catasauqua Halloween Parade with us on Wednesday, October 22nd. I need to know by next Wednesday, September 24th!)

For Family Night, we are asking that each family donate two gifts for our chinese auction. Some ideas for donations are: baskets full of seasonal home decor, kids baskets, toys, etc. (Check out back to school sales, you can put together a really full and creative basket for just under $10!) We’re also going to have a seperate table just for baked goods because people are always in line to win a chance at some scrumptious dessert! So you can bake your favorite cookies, cakes and pies, put them in a decorative tin or on a nice plate and I’m sure people will be lining up to win it! We’re looking for more business donations this year, if you are up for it go visit your favorite restaurant and ask if they are willing to donate gift certificates or a free will for a really good non-profit family organization! (Go to the contact us page and send us an email to request the business donation letter to give to the business)

We also need everyone to pitch in and participate on a committee. We have three committees:

  • Food
  • Children’s Games and Activities
  • Auction

Set up for Family Night is Thursday, October 9th 6 - 8:30pm and Friday, October 10th 3pm Please intend on participating in set -up. Donations can be dropped off on Thursday night. We’ll need people to help pinch pierogies and pull turkey for the food committee, receive and tag gifts for the auction committee and make and plan out the games and crafts for the kid’s games.

There are flyers for you to print out and distribute to help publicize the event. You can find them on the Member’s page under downloads. It may take a second or two for it to appear depending on your connection.

* Family Night is a team effort. Over the course of the night we may approach you to help out with another committee. We need everyone to pitch in where they are needed in order to make this night a success.


* Everyone is needed to help clean up. If we all help and do our part clean up will be fast and easy

Thank you to everyone who attended the meeting and who emailed me. The response has been great, let’s keep up the momentum and I’m sure we’ll have a wonderful and successful night! If you have any questions, let me know!


Some other topics from the meeting:

* CAST will be creating a cookbook. We have recipe collection pages located on the Member’s page under downloads. We’re looking for a couple of people to get together to work on design, typing and editing recipes and general work for the cookbook. Go to the contact us page and email me if you’re interested in helping out.