This Week’s Events

Hi everyone! Don’t forget the Catasauqua Halloween Parade is tonight! We’re meeting at the Catty Middle School between 6 and 6:30pm. We are having transportation running from the N. Catty Park (the parade’s end) to the middle school if anyone wants. Pick up will start at 6:15pm on the corner of Howertown and Grove, across from the Blue Monkey. We are the first group in the third division. So put on your red Music Man t-shirts (overtop of lots of layers - brrrrr) and come out to join us for some Halloween fun!

The parade route is as follows: Starting at Shecker Elementary School, down Race St, right onto Second, right onto Bridge, up to Fourth Street, down Third to Arch St, right on Arch and finishes at the N. Catty Park.  We’ll have candy and flyers to hand out.

Don’t forget, if you’re interested in helping out with the cookbook (collecting or typing recipes, designing book, etc) please join us tomorrow night at my house (go to the Contact Us page to email me for address and directions) for a cookbook meeting 7-8pm.

Thanks, and have a great night!