Audition Meeting

It’s that time of year again, auditions are just around the corner and everyone is getting ready. Some are ready, some are indifferent, most are nervous; but there’s no need to be! CAST welcomes anyone of any talent backgroud or experience level. We are looking for hardworking people who like to have fun and who are ready to see their efforts displayed on stage for the whole world to see. Well, at least for the Lehigh Valley to see!

The meeting is held at Sheckler Elementary School in Catasauqua (directions can be found on the Contact Us page. It starts at 7pm and we’ll be discussing member responsibilities, audition material and general information about us.

We’re looking forward to this year, at least I am. The Music Man is such a wonderful show that really encompasses the kind of group we have. It allows for a stage full of families and friends which is always up our alley.  We do our best to have a good time and after 16 years we got that part down pat! We just need your help and hard work to make it a success, so if you are anyone you know is interested, please, come and check us out.

We hope to see you there!