CAST is in full swing!

Hello everyone!

We are now entering our second week of rehearsals and boy is it exciting! It’s always great to get back together with old friends and welcome in new ones! We started the year off with a member’s meeting. If you’ve belonged to a community theatre before you know that there is alot of information to take in about responsiblities and whatnot. But here in CAST, we’re a little different. Since we are strictly non-profit we look to our members and our community for all the help. We make our own costumes (within reason, sometimes we borrow from other organizations) we build our own sets and we raise our own funds. What I really liked about this years meeting was that we set up a “mentor system” and assigned new families to returning members for help wading through all the paperwork and pleas for help, to help them better understand what we are asking of them. At first it seems like a lot as each member of the board, and some of our regular members, stood up to present different items that they would be collecting from the general cast over the next few months. Anything from bios for our programs, information on how to collect and submit ads for our programs, ordering sweatshirts and t-shirts and fundraising information as well as member responsibilities of at least 20 hours behind the scenes work this kind of stuff is enough to send the most theatrical person running for the door!  At first people may seem hesitant,(I know I was 6 years ago) but as time moves forward they see how each individual contributes to the whole and they can watch with their own eyes this massive production start from just a couple of people standing around propless to a group of 80 plus actors with amazing costumes and enticing scenery standing before a crowd of 300 people; it truly is something to see. And the best part about all of it, is without each and every one of our members it wouldn’t be. Without asking them to gather ads, help sew costumes, paint backdrops, build scenery, create props, this would all still be in the mind of our director, never knowing its full potential. We are very lucky to have returning members year after year come together to help create something so beautiful and meaningful to the community as a whole and this year we are proud to watch our cast grow more in numbers.

Music Man is best told with a large cast. It’s music invites the large group numbers yet rallies with the small town feel that Catasauqua holds dear to its heart. It is a fun show for both the actor and the audience. As rehearsals start flowing I hope that you continue to come back to watch how we produce a show. It truly is a wonderment and I hope you see that too.