COSTUMES Who, What, and Where

Act I scene 1: Railway coach the morning of July 4, 1912. All men will be wearing their suits and hats. Conductor is wearing a uniform coat, dark pants, and conductor’s hat.

Act I scene 2: River City the same morning. Men from the train, except for Harold, will remove jackets, change hats, go with a vest change and shirt or suspenders and shirt, Mr. Dunlop wears a full apron, girls and women wear town outfits, boys wear overalls or knickers, shirt, and suspenders, Mayor Shinn wears his everyday dark suit, Pick-a-Little ladies wear outfit #1, constable and Marcellus same as other men, quartet wear suits except for Alan who wears overalls, Patti wears plain dress with a full apron.

Act I scene 3: River City same morning. Harold remains the same and Marion is in her first dress and hat.

Act I scene 4: Paroo house the same day. Marion the same dress, Winthrop wears overalls and plain button down shirt, Mrs. Paroo wears her blue dress and full apron, and Amarylis wears a nice dress.

Act I scene 5: Madison Gym the same day. Women and Girls are in their nicer outfit, boys are in knickers with either a shirt and suspenders or shirt and vest, Wa Tan Ye girls are in their Indian outfits, Mayor Shinn will wear his formal suit, Eulalie will start with he Patriotic Outfit and then her Indian outfit, Pick-a-little ladies will wear outfit #2, Marion outfit #2, men in suits, Harold in whit pants with sport coat and later changes into band jacket and hat, Mrs. Paroo will wear her blue dress with matching hat.

Act I scene 6: River City the same day. Harold, Marion, Marcellus, Pick-a-little ladies, and Quartet remain in the same costume as the previous scene. Eulalie will go to outfit #2.

Act I scene 7: Library the same day. Harold, Marion, and the library patrons will remain in the same costumes.

Act I scene 8: River City the following Saturday. Harold will change jackets and Tommy will wear knickers, shirt and suspenders.

Act I scene 9: River City the same day. Harold remains the same and the Mayor is back to his dark everyday suit.

Act I scene 10: Paroo house the same day. Harold remains the same, Mrs. Paroo is in her housedress and full apron, Winthrop is back to his overalls and shirt, and Marion is back to dress # 1.

Act I scene 11: River City a week later. Harold is back to his original suit and except for Patti and Alan, all town people will wear what they did in scene 2. Patti will wear her first Pick-a-little outfit and Alan will ear his suit. Mrs. Paroo and Winthrop will stay in the same costumes as scene 10.

Act II scene 1: Madison gym 3 days later. Pick-a-little ladies will wear their gym suits, Marion is in dress #3, town women are in town outfits, Harold is in his tan jacket with a contrasting vest and no jacket, Quartet are in pants, vest, shirt, and suspenders, dancers in town outfits, Mayor is in his everyday suit.

Act II scene 2: River City the next day. Harold is in his tan 3 piece suit, Marion same dress, and Quartet with their jackets and straw hats.

Act II scene 3: Paroo house the same day. Harold and Marion remain in their same costumes, Mrs. Paroo is in her social dress with a white apron, and Charlie wears his only suit.

Act II scene 4: Madison Park footbridge the same day. Harold stays the same, Marion is in her social outfit, and Marcellus is in his light colored suit.

Act II scene 5: Madison Park the same day. Harold and Marion remain the same and Charlie wears his only suit.

Act II scene 6: Madison Park the same day. Winthrop wears knickers, light colored button down shirt, suspenders, and cap, Zaneeta and Gracie wear light colored dresses, Pick-a-little ladies wear Grecian outfits and sandals, Quartet wear white pants, matching vests, straw hats, suspenders, arm garters, white button down dress shirts, and matching bow ties, Mrs. Paroo wears her social dress and hat, town women wear light colored outfits and hats, town men and constable will wear light colored suits or light colored sport coats and pants, Mayor wears his formal suit, Marion, Harold, and Charlie remain in the same outfits.

Act II scene 7: Madison gym the same day. All cast members remain in the same costumes and the band members are in their uniforms.

General information:
• All girls need bloomers
• Town women need gloves for J4 and social outfit and Pick-a-little Ladies and Marion need gloves for all their  outfits
• All stockings for boys, girls, and women must be opaque black or white according to their outfit
• All men and women need hats for outdoor scenes, caps are optional for boys, but we want some wearing them
• All girls need large hair bows
• All girls need bloomers
• All shoes should be dark except for girls or women with light colored dresses who want to wear light colored shoes

Band uniforms should include pants, jacket, cummerbund, hat, and plume