Life with CAST

Hi all,
Well, I guess I should apologize for not writing as often as I should and not really showing you what its like to be a part of CAST. Although, in a way, I guess I am. My time is divided between CAST and family and even though it takes up all my “free” time (what’s that?) I have to say I wouldn’t want it any other way. CAST has become an extended family of mine, but sometimes even more than that, it can be hard to explain. I find myself wanting to go to rehearsal to escape the chaotic yet sometimes mundane, whirlwind that is my life. However, that is not to say that CAST is calming within itself. There is always something to do, lines to memorize, blocking to redo and feathers to glue on…to hats. I think that’s what I like best. Growing up we all, or at least we all should have, played make-believe and in a world where there is much negativity, its nice to go back and “make-believe” one more time.

And yes, there is a lot of work to be done. Our productions can run us anywhere from $10-$15,000 and with just one fundraiser and profits from the last show keeping us afloat, it can get downright stressful. But honestly, there is nothing, and I mean nothing, to compare with what it feels like when you step out onto that stage. The exhilaration you feel standing in the wings listening and nervously waiting for your cue. Then you feel the lights hit you, and hear the awe of the audience when they look at the bright costumes or the well-constructed sets. Of course, there are no real words to describe the feeling you get after the audience applauds your last number. When I think of those feelings, it makes me wish I could live in the CAST world forever. I sometimes feel like there should be more that I could do to keep this going, not only for myself, but for others to, especially the children.

The world needs more organizations like CAST. It shows young kids, and surprisingly, it even shows this to adults (even though adults should be aware of this fact) that if you work hard at something and you put a lot of good work into it, something beautiful and meaningful will come out of it. It gives you a sense of accomplishment and achievement; that you had a hand in something that brought not only the 80-some cast members together, but the 300-some odd audience members per show.

CAST also provides a great platform for families. I’ve played sports my entire life; youngest of four children and the only girl I had a lot of “sport” in me. From the time I could walk I was running, chasing that soccer ball up and down the field. My parents supported me 100% of the way. They went to every game they could, cheered me on from the stands and picked me up if we lost. There is just one thing that soccer, or any other sport at that fact, could do for me and my family - it couldn’t have my parents out there with me. I look at CAST and see parents with their kids, brothers helping out sisters, husbands and wives dancing together - show me a soccer field where that could happen. (Of course, siblings do play sports together, but that’s not what I’m driving at.) CAST provides a chance for families to do something together. They can be on the stage together, they can make costumes together, they can paint bookends together. Of course, I am only allowed to paint one color, black, so when Lily gets old enough, she may have to venture with her father to get variety in her workdays!

Well, now that my rant is over and I’m not sure if I even began to paint CAST’s portrait to you, but I hope you understand a little more what we are about. We’re here for the community, not only for the community to benefit from our entertainment, but to get together and work on something that is bigger than themselves; to be a part of an everlasting memory, something special in itself.