03/09 – 03/15 Schedule

Monday March 9, 2009   We will be reviewing Act I scenes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6.  I would like all cast members to report at 6:00 pm.  I know that scene 1 is only the men on the train, but the review of that scene should go quickly and I don’t want it interrupted by cast members arriving while we are rehearsing the scene. It is now time to begin to get an understanding of the entire show.  When not in a scene, all cast members MUST respect the actors rehearsing, by watching quietly.  Last Thursday’s rehearsal was very noisy.  The noise made directing difficult and was disrespectful to the performers.  It was also noted that many of the dancers had inappropriate footwear on.  This is unacceptable and results in poor dancing and possible injury.
Thursday March 12, 2009   We will be reviewing Act I scenes 7, 8, 9, 10, & 11.  Cast members who are only in scene 11 should report at 7:30.
Saturday March 14, 2009   We will be painting backdrops, finishing the 2 bookshelves and book cart, working on major construction, painting the Paroo house window unit, making the window set cushion, finishing the last lamppost, paint the Madison statue, and making the firecracker.  Please sign-up this week at rehearsal if you can help.
Sunday March 15, 2009   We will be reviewing Act II scenes 4, 5, 6, & 7.  Cast members only in scene 7 should report at 2:30.
As we continue to review groups of scenes, it is difficult to know how quickly things will go.  Plan to stay the entire rehearsal time.  I will continue to post some delayed starts for cast members in certain scenes. whenever possible.  Please note that if time permits, we may go back to scenes rehearsed earlier in the rehearsal, so don’t assume that once we complete rehearsing a scene and move on, that we may not go back to it.  If certain groups are finished before the end of the rehearsal time, I will announce it.
Sign-up sheets for remaining workdays, move-in days at the High School, and volunteer help with the High School Show Bye, Bye, Birdie performances are on display at each rehearsal.  Please sign-up ASAP so that we can plan for these important days.  Remember that each family is required to do 20 or more behind the scenes volunteer hours.  As we get closer to the end of March, we will be contacting those who have not fulfilled their commitment and are not signed-up for move-in dates.  If everyone would do their 20 hours and stop, it would not be enough to complete the production.  That is why we are so grateful to those members who come faithfully almost every week. It is not acceptable to have so many do so much and some do little or nothing, when all cast members equally benefit from the work of the group.  Remember you made the commitment when you or your child accepted a role in this show.
Things to keep in mind;
review your lines, songs and dances weekly
Meetings for the refreshment committee, cast party committee, ad clean-up committee, and poster distribution committee will be posted soon.
Starting Saturday March 21, there will be a lot production tasks needing to be completed before we move to the High School.
If you haven’t signed up to bring food for a Saturday workday, please see Diane Ledesma.
Attend all assigned rehearsals and arrive on time.