Music Man Up-date for 3/16 thru 3/22

Monday March 16, 2009
We will rehearse Act II scenes 1, 2, & 3 from 6:00 to 9:00

Thursday March 19, 2009
No Rehearsal

Sunday March 22, 2009
All cast members report at 1:00 and plan to stay the entire time. We will be running all of Act I.

Saturday March 21, 2009 HUGE WORKDAY

· Construction
1. finish Library desk
2. build statue base
3. create the fourth lamp post

· Assemble
1. Paroo fence
2. footbridge
3. train seats
4. grocery store produce display
5. park gate

· Backdrop – continue painting the park drop

· Painting
1. finish painting the book shelves
2. repaint the store bench
3. paint or stain any newly constructed props or set pieces

· Costumes
1. finish trim on Grecian costumes
2. pick-up band uniforms from the cleaners
3. put away any unused costumes
4. gather Indian head bands and feathers for the Wa-Tan-Ye girls
5. pack extra costumes for spares at the at the High School

· Props
1. make trumpet bag
2. make suitcase lettering
3. make the fire cracker
4. bring up all props from the basement and organize them on the stage

· Help needed to bring up all items be used for the play and organizing them on the stage.

· Organize set pieces for Sunday’s full Act I run

Currently we have only 10 people signed up for next Saturday. We need double that and more! Please sign-up at rehearsal tomorrow or Monday. We need to accomplish all these tasks. Our move to the High School is coming fast. Don’t forget to sign-up to help with move in.
We need everyone!