Want to be a part of CAST – Become an Audience Member!! Tickets Now on Sale!

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone is enjoying this lovely Spring weather! We here at CAST are busy getting ready for opening night in two weeks! There are still some things that we need to take care of, but more importantly we are excited and thrilled to be performing “THE MUSIC MAN!” We’ve worked hard on this show since January and we want to share it you! It is seriously amazing that we open two weeks from today! CAST has an odd effect on time. When you first start out and you look at the endless rehearsal schedule you can’t really imagine it going that quickly. You go to rehearsal and think to yourself, we have plenty of time to get it right, no worries. Then you realize that three months have gone past, your first dress rehearsal is in 2 days and your gloves that you picked out for your costume are two different sizes and your husband still needs to find pants to match his one vest. (I guess you can tell I’m speaking from personal experience on this one!)

Needless to say, and this is true at many places, it all works out in the end. It’s very strange. It’s almost like everything that can go wrong will, but then opening night comes and the Theatre gods say “You have done your job, let us handle the rest.” You walk out onto that stage to your amazement the glove that doesn’t quite fit right fits wonderfully and no one realizes that your husband’s pants color is a shade off of what it should be. Sure things may go wrong during the show but the beauty the stage is that you’ve worked months on this show and you know every coming and going and what is right and what is not, but your audience is none the wiser. It’s a beautiful thing.

My favorite part about this whole experience is the audience. They are here to be entertained. Give them a nice song, funny dialogue and well rehearsed dance routines and they’ll be your best friend for two and a half hours. A feeling I try, and always fail, to describe is that second when you finish a song or a dance and the audience erupts in applause. Ah, if I could bottle that up and release it every now and then I would never have a bad day in my life. In that one second your life almost changes. Nothing seems to matter anymore. You don’t worry about troubles in your personal life, you don’t worry about the weather, you don’t worry about forgetting your next line or if someone else forgets a line and how you’ll cover it, or if your costume change will go accordingly. It’s almost if you cease to exist and all there is that moment; an instant connection to the people that you’ve been trying to reach since the curtain opened.

I’ll leave you on that note with just a reminder: Tickets are now on sale for “THE MUSIC MAN.” Please come join us and be a part of that connection!

Thank you all and I’ll see you in two weeks!