Summer time

Hi everyone! This is just a quick post to say thank you to everyone who joined us for our performances of “The Music Man.” It was a phenomenal show with a fantastic turn out each night. CAST is very proud to say that we will be returning to the high school for next year’s musical!

After a very busy season we all took some time to ourselves to regroup but now the board members have reconvened and are busy planning upcoming meetings and gatherings. Check out our News section for important dates for meetings about the upcoming show and Family Night.

On a personal note, I have decided to step down as President from the organization. The decision was a hard one to make but the reason behind it left me no choice. In late April my husband, Eric, and I found out that we are expecting our second child. Although the responsibilities of being CAST President proved difficult but managable with one child I cannot see me doing the role justice when I am a mother to two small children. However, this by no means, mean that I will stepping away from the organization altogether - still expect to see us up that stage with our CAST family. CAST is a family organization and I am proud to have my growing family a part of this dedicated and caring group.

Thank you to everyone for their support and keep checking back to the website as more details about the upcoming year and changes are revealed.