Important Dates

Summer is here and although many of you are busy planning vacations and having picnics the board members have been busy planning the Fall events. Make sure you can make these dates, you don’t want to miss them. (All dates have been added to our calendar section on the Members Page.)

July 27 (Monday)  7 pm at Sheckler school: General Membership Meeting 
           * Wrap up from Music Man show 
           * Pick up your photos and DVD/Video orders
           * Information of upcoming events 
           * Insight into next years’ production
October 1 ( Thursday) 7pm at Sheckler School
             INFORMATION MEETING for the 2010 musical
October 11 (Sunday) We will have a food booth at the
                       North Catasauqua Autumn Festival 
Selling home-made Apple Dumplings, Halusky, Chili, & our cookbooks! 
WE NEED YOU to help make and sell these items.
              Come enjoy the company of your fellow cast members, and help us
              raise money for our musical production. Circle the date on your
              calendar now and plan to work our CAST booth at the festival.
October 18 & 19 Sunday and Monday CAST AUDITIONS
               Sheckler school, evening hours, more info later.
October 25 CALL BACKS 

FAMILY EVENT  SUNDAY, Nov 15                                                    
                      New day and time this year  1:30-5:00 
  This is our annual fundraiser event; each cast member family is to help
  Activities include: Chinese auction, kids games, and great food.
       Start planning on items to make up a theme gift basket;
      suggestions are: holiday, baked goods, plants/flowers, toys/games,
       Gift cards from local businesses, any new item you’d like to receive as a gift would make a great auction gift.

Thank you,

Board Members