Coming Spring 2012 – THE WIZARD OF OZ

After giving the matter of the next production a great deal of thought, the board has decided to produce “The Wizard of Oz” for CAST’s 20th Anniversary show.

There are several reasons why we picked this particular show on of them being it was our first production back in 1993.

Main Characters: (these characters will be played by older teens or adults)

Aunt Em
Uncle Henry/Guard
Hickory/Tin Man
Miss Gultch/Wicked Witch of the West
Professor Marvel/Wizard

Possible parts for young children:

Munchkins (there are many specific roles)
Children of Oz
Monkeys (Nekko and two others that fly)
These characters would appear in a maximum of 9 scenes.

Possible parts for older student and young adults:

Oz Citizens
Tornado Dancers
These characters would appear in a maximum of 10 scenes

General Adults:

Oz Citizens
Tornado Dancers
These characters would appear in a maximum of 9 scenes

This version with 27 scenes would provide an opportunity for a grand production with flying effects by Foy.


Information Meeting: Monday, October 24 at 7pm - Sheckler cafeteria
Auditions: Sunday, November 6 and Monday, November 7 from 6 - 9pm in Sheckler’s cafeteria and music room
Call backs: Sunday, November 13 from 6 - 9pm

*Auditions will be scheduled by role and dance
**This year individuals who are former members and only interested in a general chorus role will not need to audition.

Show dates - April 27, 28 at 7pm
April 29 at 2pm followed by a reception with members of the 1993 production
May 4, 5 at 7pm
May 6 at 2pm followed by the cast party

We are looking to build a large cast. Please invite individuals you know to join our organizations, especially adults. We will also be inviting members from the original cast to consider rejoining us.