Playing with C.A.S.T.

Want to be a part of something special and meaningful? Were you bit by the theatre bug but are too afraid to scratch the itch? Well, then you should think about joining CAST! We’re a fun loving group who takes anyone from the person who sings only in the shower to the seasoned performer who hops from one group to the next. We love newcomers and are always looking for more members.

Here’s some information you might want to know about our organization.

  • CAST is a not for profit organization
  • We consider ourselves one big family and look forward to welcoming new members into that family.
  • All of our sets, costumes, backdrops, and props are built/created by members of our group
  • We started in 1993 as the “Sheckler Players” and is was open to students and faculty of Sheckler Elementary School
  • Proceeds from the first production, The Wizard of Oz, were used to help a Sheckler student
  • Since then our productions have grown in size and quality and can now cost close to $45,000 to stage, CAST raises the money through an annual fundraiser, donations and ticket sales
  • Our family-friendly ticket prices continue to amaze our audience members
  • Average attendance for a performance is about 300 - 400 people
  • Saturdays are our workdays when we build sets, props and make costumes…and eat!
  • We have performed 27 shows at Sheckler Elementary School and Catasauqua High School.
  • Our first production on Catasauqua High School’s stage was 2009’s The Music Man
  • The Catty School District rents space to CAST
  • Since we’ve been performing for almost three decades now, some of our own student cast members are returning as adult cast members!
  • Our oldest cast member is in their 60’s and our youngest member made her stage debut in Oliver when she was just under 2 months old!
  • We have donated money to several big causes like the Miller Blood Center and to Autism Awareness but we also sent support to several families with children or adults with life-threatening illnesses. We also support families with financial needs and the Catasauqua High School Drama programs through advertisement
  • We’ve donated stage equipment, a new stage curtain, and school production supplies to Sheckler Elementary School and much more.
  • In October 2004 we were awarded the Nicholas Cericola Memorial Award given each year to a group which has created opportunities for family involvement and has shown outstanding accomplishments in sustaining participation in this activity at the 30th Annual Family Involvement Conference. (The Coalition for Family Involvement in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, New York, and Connecticut supporting quality programs involving Home and School.)

There are a lot of great reasons to join a group like CAST. Together we not only put on one fantastic show that leaves our audiences in awe, but we embody the true meaning of community. We encourage teamwork, responsibility, sense of self-worth, and creativity. We work hard to build sets and to build everlasting memories as well.

The stage is big enough for all of us so come on out and give CAST a chance.

If you’d like more information about us, send us an email at