Weekly Update

1. Thursday we will be working on Act II scene 2.  The extra enchanted characters that were added to this scene, should report at 7:00 pm.

2. Friday from 7:00 to 7:30, Kathie Metzler needs 4 to 6 people to help her put out the backdrops for Saturday morning, in Sheckler’s cafeteria.  Please email if you can help.

3. Saturday, we will again be working on construction projects at the High School. If you are able to help with construction projects, please let me know that you will be coming.  Also, food donations are needed for Saturday’s lunch.  Please sign up in the book on the sign in table Thursday evening.

4. Sunday we will be working on the Prologue from 1:00 to 1:30, I only need Ron Dries and Jessica Englert, Brady does not need to report. All adult and student villagers and Lefou and Gaston, need to report by 1:30.  I have no idea how long the opening number will take to block, but when we finish, student villagers are excused, but adult villagers will remain for a Tavern rehearsal.

5. Monday, please follow the original schedule.

6. Reminder: Saturday, January 28th the costume committee will be fitting all villagers.  Men and Jared, Nicholas, and Trent need to report from 9:15 to 10:15,  Serena, Kensington, Kylie, Brielle, Lyla, Lilianna, Rylee, Ava, Hailey Grays, and Jane need to report from 10:30 to 11:30,  then all women and Lauren Reichard, Abby, Megan, Caitlyn, Calla, Angelina, Katie, Taylor, Hailey Falzone, Marina, Sky, Lauren DeLong, and Ally should report from 1:00 to 4:00.  PLEASE WEAR SHORTS AND T-SHIRT TYPE TOP SO THAT YOU WILL BE ABLE TO TRY ON VARIOUS COSTUMES WITHOUT USING A DRESSING ROOM.

7. Mark your calendars: Sunday, February 12th we will hold a Production Meeting for all cast members and parents of student cast members.  The meeting will be held in Sheckler’s cafeteria beginning around 4:30.

Bio Submission

Please submit your bio no later than Monday, January 30thTo submit your bio please simply fill out this form. If you are unable to use the online form please print this page and submit your bio to Bill or Kathie by the 30th. If you have any questions please reach out to Bethany at bethany.nothstein@gmail.com.

Enchanted Characters and Additional Groups

Extra Enchanted Characters and additional groups

  • Napkins- Serena Hurtig, Kensington Matol, Kylie Toth, Lyla Schneck, Lilianna Trocki, and Maxine Kovacs
  • Flatware- Angelina Dries, Hailey Grays, Rylee Ahart, Katie Coughlin, Taylor Blose, Lauren DeLong, Ally Paulson, Jane Armbruster, Ava Gower, Hailey Falzone, Marina Falzone, Trent Herman, Sky Bechtelheimer, Nicholas Riedy, Jared King, Calla Shander, Caitlyn Ahner, and Abby Piotrowski
  • Plates- Leslie Heffelfinger, Kristen Riedy, Linda Shultz, Arielle Cantatore, Laura Hafner, and Kim Labezius
  • Cupcake Can-Can Dancers- Dani Burker, Karen Reichard, Darice Hoffmann, Stacey Ziegler, Jessica Englert, and Denise Schlonecker
  • Salt and Pepper- Trish Ninos, Tammy House, Roger King, and Ron Dries
  • Small Carpet- Brielle Matol
  • Large Carpet- Lauren Reichard
  • Wisk- Tami King
  • Dustpan and Brush- Mikayla Ninos
  • Cheese Grater- Karen DeLabar
  • Greek Statue – Victoria McKee
  • Flower Vase- Denise Kuhns
  • Picture Frame- Kathy Hassick
  • Sugar Bowl- Megan Reichard
  • Hand Saw- Bob Heffelfinger
  • Frying Pan- John Kelly III
  • Picture Frame- Dave Webb
  • Rolling Pin- Matthew Hoffmann
  • Spatula- Joe Kovacs
  • Egg Timer- Aaron Falkenstein
  • Measuring Spoons- John Kelly Jr.
  • Corkscrew- Scott Reph

Assignments are subject to change due it costuming issues.

Tavern Mug Dancers- Bob Heffelfinger, Ron Dries, John Kelly III, Matthew Hoffmann, Joe Kovacs, Roger King, Trish Ninos, Tammy House, Darice Hoffmann, Stacey Ziegler, Jessica Englert, and Denise Schlonecker

Extra Enchanted Characters in Act II scene 2 for “Human Again”- Trish Ninos, Tammy House, Roger King, Ron Dries, Tami King, Mikayla Ninos, Karen DeLabar, Victoria McKee, Denise Kuhns, Kathy Hassick, Megan Reichard, Bob Heffelfinger, Dave Webb, Matthew Hoffmann, Joe Knovcs, Aaron Falkenstein, John Kelly Jr., Scott Reph, Leslie Heffelfinger, Kristen Riedy, Linda Shultz, Arielle Cantatore, Laura Hafner, Kim Labezius, Dani Burker, Karen Reichard, Darice Hoffmann, Stacey Ziegler, and Denise Schlonecker.

Beauty and the Beast Cast List

WOW!!!  What a day!

After a 12 hour process, Mike Fister, Kathy Butz, Kathie Metzler, and I have made our selections for the cast of Beauty and the Beast.  As we have said before, this is a process that is necessary but uncomfortable for us, due to the level of personal disappointment the process creates.  Keeping that in mind we did everything we could to make the process as fair as possible, while choosing those individuals who best fit the production and cast.

Often an individual will feel that their audition deserved more consideration then it received.  In response to that, we remind individuals that much more is considered than just the audition.  Age, sex, physical appearance, compatibility to fellow performers, and personal conflicts are some of the things that enter into the decision-making process.  Yesterday we experienced another major factor, a large number of individuals with strong talent.   When the level of talent reaches the point it did yesterday, even individuals with strong talent are surpassed.  That translates into, not that an individual didn’t audition well but someone auditioned stronger or had other factors in their favor.

We currently have 71 cast members.  We are happy to say that all who wanted to participate have been assigned a part in the show.  The audition team hopes that all selected will accept their roles and come together to create an amazing production.

Please review the cast list and find the role(s) you were cast in.  Please accept or reject through email no later than this Sunday November 27th.  The board members will be putting together cast member packets on November 30th, for distribution in December.

Thank you for your wiliness to be part of our 25th Anniversary Production of Beauty and the Beast, it is going to be amazing!  May you and your family have a Blessed and Joyous Holiday Season.    I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in December.  I will email the December date for packet pick-up.

Cast List

The Beast - Brady Love

The Beast Double – Ron Dries

Belle – Veronica Bocian

Babette – Rachel Butz

Chip – Hannah Kurczeski

Cogsworth – Bob Falkenstein

Enchantress – Jessica Englert

Gaston – Scott Shander

Lefou – Devin Windisch

Lumiere – Kristofer Swanson

Madame De La Grande Bouche – Sue Matol

Maurice – Bob Nolter

Monsieur D’Arque – John Kelly III

Mrs. Potts – Kathy Butz

Silly Girly – Lauren Reichard, Megan Reichard, Vickie McKee, Hailey Falzone, Marina Falzone, & Calla Shander

Wolves – Jessiac Englert, Abby Piotrowski, Hailey Falzone, Marina Falzone, Nicholas Riedy, & Trent Herman

Lady with Baby – Kim Labezius

Aristocratic Lady – Karen DeLabar

Fish Man – Dave Webb

Egg Man – Roger King

Sausage Curl Girl – Tammy House

Baker – Tami King

Lady with cane – Linda Shultz

Candle Man – Matthew Hoffmann

Hat Seller – Trish Ninos

Milkmaid Kathy Hassick

Shepherd Boy – Jared King

Book Seller – Bob Heffelfinger

Gaston’s Cronies – Ted Williams,  John Kelly Jr., Joe Kovacs, & Ron Dries

Villagers/Enchanted Characters – Meghan Wotring, Dani Burker, Leslie Heffelfinger, Tami King, Trish Ninos, Kristen Riedy, Karen Reichard, Mikayla Ninos, Linda Shultz, Karen DeLabar, Kim Labezius, Tammy House, Victoria McKee, Arielle Cantatore, Darice Hoffmann, Stacey Ziegler, Denise Kuhns, Laura Hafner, Jessica Englert, Kathy Hassick, Denise Schlonecker, Bob Heffelfinger, Ted Williams, Ron Dries, John Kelly III, Dave Webb, Matthew Hoffmann, Joe Kovacs, Aaron Falkenstein, Roger King, John Kelly Jr., Scott Reph, Jared King, Nicholas Riedy, Laurn Reichard, Abby Piotrowski, Megan Reichard, Caitlyn Ahner, Calla Shander, Trent Herman, Ava Gower, Hailey Grays, Maxine Kovacs, Angelina Dries, Rylee Ahart, Lilianna Trocki, Katie Coughlin, Taylor Blose, Hailey Falzone, Marina Falzone, Sky Bechtelheimer, Lauren DeLong, Ally Paulson, Jane Armbruster, Lyla Schneck, Brielle Matol, Kylie Toth, Kensington Matol, Serena Hurtig

Opening scene special villager – Phoebe Falzone

Tavern Patrons – All adult villagers

Please note that if I omitted anyone who auditioned and indicated that they wanted to be in the cast no matter the role, please email me so that you can be added to the cast list.  This cast list will be adjusted as needed after all have responded.  Thanks again for your interest in our Production of Beauty and the Beast.  I would also like to thank those individuals who auditioned, but chose not to participate.  We appreciate your interest and hope to see you in a future production.