1993 – The Wizard of Oz

Dorothy Gale of Kansas is always dreaming of far away lands that can be found-Over The Rainbow. One day a twister hits her Aunt Em’s farm and carries her and her dog Toto over the rainbow.  There she finds herself in picturesque Munchkinland; home of the Munchkins. Dorothy also meets the Good Witch of the North, Glinda.

The Munchkins praise Dorothy because when her house landed it crushed the Wicked Witch of the East by singing Ding-Dong The Witch Is Dead.  They then  welcome her to their land with the song Munchkinland. Although she is fascinated with this new land, Dorothy is eager to return home to her Aunt Em. Glinda advises Dorothy that only the great and powerful Wizard of Oz in the Emerald City can send her back. Meanwhile, the Wicked Witch of the West comes by to find her sister crushed by Dorothy’s house. She goes to retrieve her sister’s magical ruby slippers, but Dorothy quickly puts them on first thus protecting Dorothy from the Witch for the time being and the Wicked Witch leaves; but not without vowing revenge. Dorothy is now very anxious and eager to return home and Glinda and the Munchkins tell her to follow the Yellow Brick Road to reach the Emerald City 

As she follows the Yellow Brick Road Dorothy meets the Scarecrow who desperately wants a brain and sings If I Only Had A Brain.  Dorothy tells him of the Great Oz and he joins her with hopes that the Wizard could give him a brain. We’re Off to See the Wizard  The Wicked Witch is following their every move and sends them through a dark and scary forest where they meet Tin Woodman If I Only Had A Heart.  Dorothy invites him to join them to see the Wizard We’re Off To See The Wizard.

As they wander deeper into the forest, they hear strange sounds and start to worry about Lions,Tigers,and Bears and Jitterbugs (fantastic dancing creatures, half animal, half plant, under the Wicked Witch of the West’s power). The travelers meet a cowardly lion, who ends up joining them on their journey If I Only Had The Nerve.  The Emerald City is now within their sights, but the Wicked Witch attempts to stop the journey by making them walk through a field of poppies that make you sleep - luckily, Glinda, the Good Witch of the North, sees this and makes it snow, thus breaking the sleeping spell.Finally at the Emerald city, the four friends find themselves at a guarded door. While the guard notifies the Wizard of Oz he has visitors, Dorothy and her three friends get pampered by the people of Oz so that they are ready to meet the WizardThe Merry Old Land Of Oz,

When Dorothy and her friends finally meet the Wizard, he declines to help them until they bring him the broomstick of the Wicked Witch of the West. Dismayed, the four friends set off to her castle. Along the way, the Witch eavesdrops on their conversation and learns of their plans to kill her. The Witch sends her flying monkeys out to capture Dorothy and bring her back to the castle where she is locked in a room and is very scared  Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Reprise. The three remaining try to rescue Dorothy by dressing up like three of the Witch’s guards. They are revealed and the Witch sets the Scarecrow on fire. To save him, Dorothy throws water on him and accidentally gets the Witch wet, which in turn melts her. Quickly grabbing her broomstick, they return to Oz.

When they get there they are surprised to find out that the Great and Powerful Oz is just an ordinary man behind a curtain and they fear that they will not get what they had wished. The Wizard, however, does find ways to help Dorothy’s friends; a diploma for the Scarecrow, a medal of valor for the Lion and a tin heart for the Tinman. He then tells Dorothy that will return her to Kansas in his hot air balloon only to leave without her by accident as she’s saying goodbye to her friends. Utterly saddened and left hopeless Dorothy fears that she will never return home when Glinda appears and tells her that she has had the magic to return home all along - the ruby slippers. All she has to do is click her heels three times and repeat “There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.” By doing that, Dorothy and her dog Toto are magically returned to Kansas and to her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry.