1994 – Annie Get Your Gun

Foster Wilson, the owner of a local hotel, is not too happy when “Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show” comes to town and takes over his hotel Colonel Buffalo Bill.  Even so, Frank Butler, the show’s handsome star challenges anyone in town to a shooting match. I’m a Bad, Bad, Man  Foster Wilson will do anything to get them out of his hotel so when Annie Oakley enters and shoots a bird off of Dolly Tate’s hat, he enters her into the contest. Doin What Comes Natur’lly

While she’s waiting for her turn to go she meets Frank Butler and falls completely in love with him, not knowing he is her opponent in the match. She asks him if he likes her back and he sings The Girl that I Marry. After the match, she finds out that Frank was the “big swollen-head stiff” she was to beat You Can’t Win a Man with a Gun  Buffalo Bill offers her a chance to join his traveling show. Although she doesn’t know what this “show business” is, she decides to join them after they sing There’s No Business Like Show Business because she wants to be close to Frank.

As they work together, Frank falls for Annie They Say It’s Wonderful and they also find out that their rival “Pawnee Bill’s Far East Show” will be playing at their next stop. Bill goes to Annie and asks her to perform a shooting trick on a motorcycle to give them the edge over Pawnee Bill’s act. She does so in hopes to impress Frank and then sings Moonshine Lullabye to her siblings on the train.

Frank decides to propose to Annie after the show My Defenses are Down but after she performs the trick perfectly, his ego is bruised and he decides to join Pawnee Bill’s traveling show.

Buffalo Bill decides to take Annie and his show to Europe but the show quickly goes broke and so does Frank and Pawnee Bill’s show. Annie, who is now a little more worldy, still loves Frank even though he left her I Got Lost in His Arms. Buffalo Bill and Pawnee Bill plot a merger of their two companies as they each think the other has money to back it. When they meet at a grand reception to finalize the deal, they become aware of each other’s standings. Annie shows them her medals that she received from the rulers of Europe and its enough to pay for the merger. I Got Sun in the Morning  When Frank arrives and sees Annie, they confess their love for each other and decide to get married An Old Fashioned Wedding Will Do even though they both have very different ideas on the wedding. He wants a small chapel and she wants a big church with bridesmaids and flower girls. When Frank learns of all her medals his pride is again hurt and he calls off the merger and the wedding. They agree to one last duel Anything You Can Do and Annie deliberately loses to win Frank back. He takes her back and they get married


  • Annie Oakley-a sharpshooter in the Wild West show
  • Frank Butler-the Wild West show’s star
  • Foster Wilson-hotel owner
  • Chief Sitting Bull-Sioux warrior; Annie’s protector, but used by Pawnee Bill’s competing show
  • Tommy Keeler-knife-thrower in the Wild West show; Winnie’s boyfriend; part Native American
  • Charlie Davenport-manager of the Wild West show
  • Winnie Tate-Dolly’s sister; Tommy’s girlfriend and his assistant in the knife-throwing act
  • Col. Wm. F. Cody (Buffalo Bill) -owner of the Wild West show
  • Dolly Tate-Frank’s assistant; Winnie’s sister
  • Pawnee Bill-owner of a competing western show
  • Annie’s brothers and sisters: Nellie, Jessie, Little Jake and Minnie (Minnie was written out of the 1999 revival[5])

Musical numbers

Original 1946

Act I 

  • Buffalo Bill” - Charlie Davenport, Dolly Tate & Chorus
  • I’m a Bad, Bad Man” - Frank Butler
  • Doin’ What Comes Natur’lly” - Annie and her siblings
  • The Girl That I Marry” - Frank and Annie
  • You Can’t Get a Man with a Gun” - Annie
  • There’s No Business Like Show Business” - Frank, Charlie Davenport, Annie, and ensemble
  • They Say It’s Wonderful” - Annie and Frank
  • Moonshine Lullaby” § - Annie and siblings
  • I’ll Share It All With You” § - Tommy Keeler and Winnie Tate
  • Ballyhoo” - Riding Mistress and Show People
  • There’s No Business Like Show Business” (Reprise) - Annie Oakley
  • My Defenses Are Down” - Frank and ensemble
  • Wild Horse Ceremonial Dance” - Wild Horse, Indian Braves and Maidens
  • Who Do You Love, I Hope” § - Tommy and Winnie
  • I’m an Indian, Too” - Annie and ensemble
  • Adoption Dance - Annie Oakley, Wild Horse and Braves
Act II 

  • I Got Lost In His Arms” § -Annie
  • Who Do You Love, I Hope” - Winnie Tate and Tommy Keeler
  • I Got the Sun in the Morning” - Annie and ensemble
  • They Say It’s Wonderful” (Reprise) - Annie Oakley and Frank Butler
  • The Girl That I Marry” (Reprise) - Frank Butler
  • Anything You Can Do” - Annie and Frank
  • Show Business” (Reprise) - Ensemble