1995 – The King and I

Anna Leonowens, a widow from Wales and her son, Louis anxiously arrive in Bangkok, Siam in order for her teach English to the King’s children. I Whistle a Happy Tune The King’s Kralahome greets them and tells Anna that she will be living in the castle with the King. Anna pulls out her letter from the King that states that she would be living in her own home on the grounds but not in the castle; however she does agree to live their until she speaks to the King about the matter herself.

Lun Tha, an emissary from Burma, brings the King a gift from Burma, a beautiful young woman named Tuptim. Unbeknownst to the King the two had fallen in love with each other on the voyage from Burma. Tuptim sings My Lord and Master because although her body belongs to the King her heart will forever be Lun Tha’s.

When the Kralahome introduces Anna to the King she is dismayed that he flat out ignores her request for a home. Lady Thiang, the King’s head wife, explains to Anna that the King can not be questioned, especially in the castle. Lady Thiang also sees how heartbroken Tuptim is over leaving Lun Tha and reminds her how lucky she is to be in the King’s castle. Anna remembers her late husband Tom and wishes that all young lovers could have the same love they had once shared. Hello Young Lovers  She also learns that Tuptim, unlike most slaves, can read and she gives her a book, Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

The King introduces Anna to all of his many children March of the Children and she begins her lessons. She teaches them English songs Home Sweet Home and other stories dealing with home, hoping that the King will catch on to her lessons of “home” and will give her one as he promised. The King wants his children to absorb the Western knowledge but at the same time finds it hard to reconcile these beliefs with his own A Puzzlement

As Anna and the children become better acquainted The Royal Bangkok Academy/Getting to Know You, Anna replaces the old, inaccurate map of the world, with a new larger map. The children become outraged when they see how small Siam is in relation to the rest of the world. They also don’t understand and don’t believe some concepts that Anna teaches them, such as snow and ice. The King adamantly declares that they should believe her, thinking that the King is on her side, she again asks for her house.

While getting to know the children, Anna has also been helping Tuptim and Lun Tha meet secretly.We Kiss in the Shadow  Anna again is angered that the King doesn’t take her seriously and give her a house, she declares that she will leave Bangkok Shall I Tell You What I Think of You.  Lady Thiang comes in and tells Anna of a letter that was received from Britain that calls the King of Siam a barbarian and urging the annexation of Siam as a protectorate has been discovered. She asks Anna to stay to help the King Something Wonderful  Anna agrees to stay and help the King prove his not what the British say he is and decides to throw a ball, with dinner and a theatrical performance and invite a British diplomat, Edward Ramsay to it. The King and the court pray to Buddha that it will work and in so mentions a house he will build for Anna.

 In preparing for the ball, the King’s wives are perplexed by the hoopskirts that they have to wear Western People Funny  When Ramsay arrives Anna realizes that it is her old friend, seeing this, the King gets jealous of their friendship and escorts Anna to the ball.

Before the theatrical entertainment Tuptim and Lun Tha agree to meet after the play and run away to Burma together. I Have Dreamed  The play is based on Uncle Tom’s Cabin, called The Small House of Uncle Thomas, which was written and narrated by Tuptim. The story is based around slave Eliza who escapes from her enslaver, the King disapproves of the plot, but is happy that the British no longer think him as a barbarian. To thank Anna for the success of the evening, the King gives her a ring. When word gets back to the King after the play that Tuptim is missing he assumes it is because of his disapproval of the play. When Anna tries to teach him how the English sees romance he cannot ponder it. Song of the King  She also reminisces about the balls back in England. Shall We Dance  As she dances around she notices that the King is watching her and quickly demands to know how to dance that way.

The Kralahome interrupts their dancing by telling the King that they have found Tuptim trying to escape. The King announces that he will beat her, much to Anna’s dismay as she accuses him of not knowing what love is. She runs out and perhaps because of what Anna said to him, he cannot beat Tuptim and lets her go. The Kralahome approaches Anna and tells her that he is sorry that she ever came to Siam because she has weakened the King with her Western ideas. With that said, she gives the King’s ring back and tells him to tell the King that she will leave Siam on the next boat.

 Lady Thiang comes to Anna with a letter stating that the King is dying. Anna rushes to his side. The children beg her to stay and she declares that she will. Before he dies, his eldest son, Prince Chulalongkorn is appointed King and already makes new “Westernized” proclamations. With that the King dies and Anna takes his hand and kisses it.


Act I 

  • Overture — Orchestra
  • I Whistle a Happy Tune — Anna and Louis
  • My Lord and Master — Tuptim
  • Hello, Young Lovers — Anna
  • The March of the Siamese Children — Orchestra
  • Scene Before Curtain (Home Sweet Home) — Priests and Children
  • A Puzzlement — King
  • The Royal Bangkok Academy — Anna, Wives, and Children
  • Getting to Know You — Anna, Wives, and Children
  • We Kiss in a Shadow — Tuptim and Lun Tha
  • A Puzzlement (Reprise) — Louis and Prince Chululongkorn
  • Shall I Tell You What I Think of You? — Anna
  • Something Wonderful — Lady Thiang
  • Something Wonderful (Reprise) — Lady Thiang
  • Finale, Act I — King, entire palace
Act II 

  • Entr’acte — Orchestra
  • Western People Funny — Lady Thiang and Wives
  • I Have Dreamed — Tuptim and Lun Tha
  • Hello, Young Lovers (Reprise) — Anna
  • The Small House of Uncle Thomas (Ballet) — Tuptim and Wives
  • Song of the King — King
  • Shall We Dance? — Anna and King
  • I Whistle a Happy Tune (Reprise) — Anna