1998 – Hello Dolly!

At the turn of the 20th century, Yonkers, New York is anxiously awaiting the arrival of self proclaimed “matchmaker” Dolly Gallagher Levi. Call On Dolly  Besides “meddling” in other’s love lives, Dolly also gives dance and mandolin instruction I Put My Hand In.  Dolly is coming to town to help a grumpy old half-millionnaire, Horace Vandergelder find a wife, although it her intention to marry him. A young artist, Ambrose Kemper, wants to marry Horace’s neice, Ermengarde, but Horace disapproves because of his unstable occupation. Ambrose enlists the help of Dolly to persuade Horace in his favor.

Meanwhile, at his store, Vandergelder’s Hay and Feed, Horace explains to his two clerks, Cornelius Hackl and Barnaby Tucker, that he intends to marry a woman to do the work around the house It Takes a Woman. He is waiting for Dolly to arrive to go with him to New York City to see the widow Irene Molloy, the owner of a woman’s hat shop. When Dolly arrives she mentions a heiress, Ernestina Money, who is also interested in Horace, but he ignores her and tells Cornelius and Barnaby to mind the store in his absence.

Cornelius and Barnaby decide to go into the city for themselves for some adventure and not to come back until they each kiss a girl. They blow up tomato cans that creates a terrible smell, but a good excuse to close the store. Dolly mentions that the boys should stop and see Irene and her assistant Minnie Fay. She also tells Ambrose that she will enter him and Ermengarde into a polka contest at the luxurious Harmonia Gardens in New York so he can prove to Horace that he can bring in money. As they all prepare to go to New York they sing Put On Your Sunday Clothes.

In her hat shop, Irene tells Minnie that she does not love Horace and wants to attract other suitors Ribbons Down My Back.  Just then Cornelius and Barnaby enter pretending to be rich. Unfortunately, Dolly and Horace are right behind them, the two men hide in the shop. Minnie screams when she unknowingly opens the armoire where Cornelius is hiding. Horace goes to inspect the armoire and Dolly distracts him Motherhood March. Unfortunately, Cornelius sneezes and Horace realizes that there are men hiding in the store and leaves, luckily he doesn’t realize that the men are his two clerks. The two emerge and Dolly suggests that they take the girls to the Harmonia Gardens to make up for their humiliation. She teaches them how to dance at such a place Dancing and its not long before Cornelius, Irene, Barnaby and Minnie are dancing beautifully together. They dance out to the Fourteenth Street Association Parade where Dolly realizes that she must put her dearly departed husband Ephram behind her if she is to move on and marry Horace Before the Parade Passes By  She runs to the parade and sees Horace walking in it and she begs him for another chance at matchmaking and tells him that he should meet Ernestina at the Harmonia Gardens that night.

Desperate to make the girls think they have money, when in fact they don’t, the two clerks tell them that they are walking to Harmonia Gardens instead of taking a carriage because they have Elegance.  At the swanky Harmonia Gardens, Rudolph, the top waiter gets word that Dolly is coming and demands that his staff pick up the pace The Waitor’s Gallop.  Ernestina arrives and quickly becomes bored with Horace because he is not as rich as Dolly implied so she leaves him alone at the table, which was Dolly’s intentions all along. Cornelius and Barnaby arrive with their dates and are seated in an area unaware to Horace. Dolly enters to a lavish welcome from her old friends at Harmonia Gardens Hello Dolly  Afterwards she takes the empty seat at Horace’s table and tells him that she could never marry him. Barnaby and Horace call for the waiter at the same time which causes confusion that leads to Horace getting Barnaby’s wallet and vice versa. Barnaby is thrilled because he and Cornelius can pay for the expensive dinner, but Horace is confused as to why his wallet is empty. Barnaby and Cornelius realize that the wallet must belong to Horace. Cornelius, Irene, Barnaby and Minnie try to sneak out during the The Polka Contest, but Horace recognizes them and also spots Eremengarde and Ambrose. The ensuing free-for-all culminates in a trip to night court.

Cornelius and Barnaby finally confess to Irene and Minnie that they have never been to New York and have no money, but no matter what happens to them they will remember this night forever. Barnaby, Cornelius and Ambrose confess their feelings for their girls with It Only Takes a Moment  Dolly tells the judge that everyone is love, except for Horace. When she brings up marriage again he tells her that he would never marry her, which makes her bid him an angry farewell So Long Dearie.

The next day back at the store Cornelius, Irene, Barnaby, Minnie, Ambrose and Emergarde all set out on their own. Horace finally admits that he wants Dolly in his life, but she is still uncertain and asks her departed husband, Ephram, for a sign. Just then, Horace repeats Ephram’s favorite phrase “Money is like manure. It’s not worth a thing unless it’s spread about, encouraging young things to grow.” Horace tells her that life would be boring without her and she agrees to marry him Hello Dolly Reprise

Song list

Act I 

  • Call On Dolly - Ensemble
  • I Put My Hand In - Dolly
  • It Takes A Woman - Horace, Cornelius, Barnaby, Ensemble
  • Put On Your Sunday Clothes - Cornelius, Barnaby, Dolly, Ambrose, Ermengarde, and Ensemble
  • Ribbons Down My Back - Irene
  • Motherhood March - Dolly, Irene, Minnie, Horace, Cornelius, and Barnaby
  • Dancing - Dolly, Cornelius, Barnaby, Irene, Minnie, and Dancers
  • Before the Parade Passes By - Dolly, Horace, and the Company
Act II 

  • Elegance - Cornelius, Barnaby, Irene, Minnie
  • The Waiters’ Gallop - Rudolph and the Waiters
  • Hello, Dolly! - Dolly, Rudolph, Waiters, Cooks
  • The Polka Contest (replaced “Come and Be My Butterfly” early in the run) - instrumental (dance)
  • It Only Takes a Moment - Cornelius and Irene, Prisoners and Policeman
  • So Long, Dearie - Dolly
  • Hello, Dolly! (reprise) - Dolly and Horace
  • Finale Ultimo - The Company