1999 – Peter Pan

As Mr. and Mrs. Darling prepare for an evening out, two of the Darling children, Wendy and John start to mimick them. When Mrs. Darling comes in and sees that they have left their youngest brother, Michael out of the game, she teaches them to play together 1,2,3  Mr. Darling comes in and is just about ready to leave when he notices that his wife is leaving the dog, Nana, in charge of the children. He questions it, but Mrs, Darling recalls that in the week before someone came into the room while the children slept and Nana tried to get him, but he jumped out of the window before she could; she did, however, get his shadow, which Mrs. Darling has put in a drawer. Mr. Darling insists that Nana sleeps downstairs and the children get ready for bed Tender Shepherd

While the children sleep, a fairy, Tinkerbell, and Peter Pan fly through the window. Tinkerbell shows Peter where his shadow is and Peter becomes frustrated when he can’t reattach his shadow. His cries awakes Wendy who sews his shadow back on for him. Peter is thrilled to have his shadow back I’ve Got to Crow and tells Wendy all about fairies and Neverland, his home. Never, Never Land  Peter tells Wendy that he has come to their windows to listen to her mother tell them bedtime stories, Wendy agrees to go to Neverland and tell the Lost Boys all the bedtime stories if Peter takes John and Michael, too. He agrees and the boys wake up and Peter teaches them all how to fly I’m Flying

Back in Neverland, the Lost Boys are wondering where Peter is when they hear Pirates coming The Pirate Song The boys try to run and hide, Hook tells Smee, his right hand man, that he wants to kill Peter Pan because he cut of Hook’s hand and fed it to a crocodile who know follows him around wanting to finish him off. Luckily for Hook, the croc ate a clock so Hook can hear the tick tock of the clock and know that the crocodile is near. Hook stumbles across the boys secret entrance and plots their demise with a cake with delicious frosting Hook’s Tango Unfortunately, Hook hears a ticking clock and faints, Smee carries him off. The boys think they’re safe but then a group of Indians, led by Tiger Lily, appear Indians but they leave the boys alone as they go to hunt for Pirates. Tootles accidentally bumps into an Indian that tries to carry him off. When the Lost Boys are fighting with the Indians someone notices something large in the sky. The Indians shoot an arrow at the falling object and then run and the Lost Boys realize that its Wendy. Peter, Michael and John land to find the arrow has gone through Wendy’s heart. She isn’t dead but they can’t move her to their hideout so they build her a separate house. They hope that when she awakes that she’ll agree to be their mother Wendy, which she does. Hook is outraged that the Lost Boys found a mother and vows to kidnap Wendy and the Lost Boys while Smee and the rest of the pirates play a Tarantella

Days pass and Peter and the boys sing their anthem I Won’t Grow Up when pirates come in carrying Tiger Lily over their shoulders. Peter Pan mimicks Hook’s voice and tells the pirates to let her go. Hook is angered at her release and demands to speak to this “spirit of the forest.” Peter’s response, still in Hook’s voice, is that the actual Hook is a fraud and the Pirates, believing the voice, leave him.  Hook demands to see this spirit and Peter Pan emerges disguised as a beautiful lady Oh My Mysterious Lady  Hook realizes its Peter Pan, and the other Pirates return and they try to get him, but Tiger Lily and her Indians now save him.

Together they run back to the hideout and the Indians are shot at by the Lost Boys and Peter declares a truce Ugg a Wugg  While the Indians stand guard, Wendy asks Peter to sing the boys a lullabye Distant Melody Michael and John admit that they are homesick and Wendy agrees. The Lost Boys wish that they had parents of their own and Wendy offers hers; all the Boys are excited at the adoption except for Peter. Unbeknownst to Wendy and the Lost Boys, the Pirates have ambushed the Indians so when each of the
Lost Boys leave they are taken to the Pirates ship, the Jolly Roger, to walk the plank. Before Wendy unknowingly walks into the Pirates hands, she leaves Peter’s bedtime medicine by the bed for him to take. She then walks out and right into the Pirates arms, they take her to become their mother! Peter is upset, tries to take his medicine to go to bed, but Tink saw Hook poison the medicine when he wasn’t looking. She tries to stop him but he won’t listen, so she takes it and starts to die. Peter breaks the fourth wall and asks that children of all ages clap to bring her back to life. Tinkerbell is saved.

On the Jolly Roger, Hook and his Pirates celebrate their victory of capturing the Lost Boys and Wendy Hook’s Waltz  Just before the Boys have to walk the plank, Hook hears a ticking clock and hides. It’s Peter holding a clock, but he helps the Indians and animals onto the ship to hide. Peter hides in a closet and “kills” two pirates Hook sends in (the “doodle-doo” Hook calls it as Peter still crows after killing the pirates). The pirates then carry the Boys in, and the Boys pretend to be afraid as they are carried in. Peter disguises himself as a pirate, and the pirates think the “doodle-doo” killed all the Boys. Hook thinks that the ship is cursed and tells Wendy to walk the plank. Just then, the lost boys break from the closet, with Peter and the Indians fight the Pirates to save her. Peter challenges Hook to one last duel. He threatens to blow up the ship, but Peter has let the real crocodile on the ship. Hook drops the bomb and Peter throws it over the edge of the ship. Hook slips down the plank with the crocodile following him. Everyone celebrates I’ve Got to Crow - Reprise

Back at the nursery, Mr and Mrs. Darling have been waiting by the open window each night for their children to return. The children quietly return to sing a lullaby to their mother Tender Shepherd - Reprise Thankful at their children’s safe return they agree to adopt the Lost Boys I Will Grow Up Wendy prays by the window for Peter’s return.

Many years pass and Peter returns to a much older and surprised Wendy. He comes to take her back to Neverland, she tells him that she cannot because she is older with a daughter of her own who is sleeping where she once had. She leaves the room and a crying Peter wakes Jane up. He tells her about Neverland and she wants to go. Wendy returns into the room and wishes that she could join them. Peter reminds her that she’s too old. With that Wendy allows Jane to go, but only for “spring cleaning” Jane and Peter fly off into the night Never Never Land - Reprise

Musical Numbers


Sung by

“Tender Shepherd” The Darling Family
“I’ve Gotta Crow” Peter Pan
“Never Never Land” Peter Pan
“I’m Flying” Peter Pan, Wendy, John, Michael
“Pirate Song” Captain Hook and Pirates
“Hook’s Tango” Captain Hook and Pirates
“Indians” Tiger Lily and Indians
“Wendy” Peter Pan and Lost Boys
“Tarantella” Captain Hook and Pirates
“Never Never Land”
(instrumental reprise, no vocal)
(cut on many TV showings)
Danced by Liza and the Animals
“I Won’t Grow Up” Peter Pan, Slightly, Curley, Twins and Lost Boys
“Oh, My Mysterious Lady” Peter Pan and Captain Hook
“Ugg-a-Wugg” Peter Pan, Tiger Lily, Children and Indians
“Distant Melody” Peter Pan
“Captain Hook’s Waltz” Captain Hook and Pirates
“Reprise: I Gotta Crow” Peter Pan, Company
“Reprise: Tender Shepherd” Wendy, John and Michael
“We Will Grow Up “ The Darling Family, Lost Boys
“Finale: Never Never Land” Peter Pan



  • Wendy Moira Angela Darling
  • John Darling, her brother
  • Michael Darling, their brother
  • Mr. Darling, their father
  • Mrs. Darling, their mother
  • Nana, the dog/nurse
  • Liza, the family’s maid
  • Jane, Wendy’s daughter


  • Peter Pan, leader of the Lost Boys
  • Slightly Soiled, the most conceited
  • Twin #1
  • Twin #2
  • Curley
  • Nibs
  • Tootles, the shy one
  • Tinker Bell, the fairy


  • Tiger Lily, the princess of the indian tribe


  • Captain Hook, Peter’s main enemy
  • Starkey
  • Smee, the comedic sidekick to Hook
  • Bill Jukes
  • Cecco
  • Noodler
  • Mullins