2000 – Fiddler on the Roof

Tevye, a Jewish milkman, talks about the roles of different people in the Russian shtetl of Anatevka in 1905 with Tradition Back at his home, his sharp tongued wife, Golde,  is ordering their five daughters (Tzeitel, Hodel, Chava, Shprintze, and Bielke, about their tasks) around to prepare for the Sabbath meal. Yente, the town’s matchmaker arrives and tells Golde that Lazar Wolfe, a wealthy butcher that’s the same age as Tevye wants to marry their eldest daughter, Tzeitel. While they talk, and the girls prepare the home, the middle daughters, Hodel and Chava, wonder what the two women are talking about. Tzeitel tells them not to get caught up in the discussion because their family is so poor that their parents will have no say in who they marry. Matchmaker Even though that is true, Tzeitel doesn’t want Yente to find her a match because she has been in love with her childhood friend, Motel Kamzoil, a tailor.

On his way to make deliveries, Tevye’s horse becomes lame and he must push the cart himself and ponders some philosophical thoughts with God. If I Were a Rich Man.  Tevye makes his deliveries and talks to his fellow friends when Avram, a bookseller, brings sad news from the outside about expulsions and Russian advances. A student from Kiev, Perchik, arrives in town and mocks them for just talking about their problems and not doing anything to change them. The men dismiss him as a radical, but Tevye takes a liking to his ideas and agrees to let him come home to have the Sabbath with his family if Perchik agrees to tutor his two youngest daughters. When they arrive, Golde tells Tevye to meet with Lazar Wolfe after the Sabbath, even though Tevye severely dislikes Lazar. Tzeitel hopes that Yente hasn’t found her match before Motel gets enough courage to ask Tevye for her hand in marriage. However, Motel is fearful of Tevye and he won’t approach him because traditionally the matchmaker arranges marriages and Motel is poor. The family then gathers for the Sabbath The Sabbath Prayer

After the Sabbath, Tevye goes to meet Lazar at the Mordcha’s inn and after talking to him agrees to let him marry Tzeitel for he is rich and he daughter will be taken care of. They and the rest of the patrons of the Inn, even some young Russian soldiers, celebrate the coming of the two To Life Upon leaving, Tevye runs into a Russian Constable who has jurisdiction over Anatevka and warns Tevye that within the coming weeks there will be a “demonstration;” the constable feels for the Jewish community but is powerless to stop the violence against them.

The next morning, a very hung-over Tevye tells his family about his deal for Tzeitel to marry Lazar and the family rejoices, except for Tzeitel, who desperately wants to marry Motel. Motel comes and approaches Tevye and pleas for Tzeitel’s hand and tells him that they have promised to marry each other. Tevye outraged at their defiance of tradition but is then impressed with Motel’s ability to stand up to Tevye. He agrees to let them marry Tevye’s Monologue and Motel and Tzeitel celebrate Miracle of Miracles.

The only problem for Tevye is how to break the news to his wife Golde. Knowing that she is a superstitious person he awakes one night claiming a nightmare. Golde tells him to describe his dream and she will interpret it for him. Tevye “describes” the dream by saying that Golde’s grandmother Tzeitel (a relative for whom their daughter Tzeitel is named for) arises from her grave to bless Tzeitel’s marriage but not to Lazar, to Motel Then Fruma, Lazar’s dead wife, rises from her grave to warn of a bleak future full of turmoil if Tzeitel should marry Lazar. Golde is terrified at the dream and agrees that Tzeitel should marry Motel.

The next day while returning home from town, Chava, is being teased by Russian soldiers who knock a book out of her hand. One of the Russian soldiers, Fyedka, comes to her aid and tells the other soldiers to leave her alone. He returns her book and a secret relationship begins.

Tzeitel and Motel’s wedding arrives and the town gathers for the ceremony Sunrise, Sunset and for the celebration The Wedding Dance Lazar offers a very kind gift but then things turn awkward when he brings up the original deal that he was to marry Tzeitel. Perchik breaks the tension by breaking another tradition and crosses the rope separating the men and women dancers and dances with Hodel. Everyone learns to join in however, the party is broken up by Russian soldiers “demonstration” Fights ensue and the party is ruined, the Jewish people are devastated. Perchik is hurt in the scuffle.

Months pass and Perchik tells Hodel that he must return to Kiev to support the revolution, but before he goes he professes his love and proposes marriage, she agrees and lets him go Now I Have Everything When they tell Tevye of their engagement he refuses but they tell him that they are not asking for his permission but for his blessing. Tevye realizes that the world is changing Tevye’s Rebuttal.

Tevye tells an astonished Golde of Hodel and Perchik’s intentions and they talk about their life together as a married couple Do You Love Me. Yente then comes back to tell Golde that she has seen Chava and Fyedka together and the whole town is talking The Rumor Also, word has reached the family that Perchik has been arrested and Hodel wants to go to him. Tevye takes her to the train station and she confides in him that she belongs with her love Far From the Home I Love.

After a couple of weeks, Chava gathers enough courage to tell her father that she is in love with Fyedka and plans to marry him. Again, another one of his daughters went outside tradition to arrange her own marriage, however, this time it is to someone outside of the faith. He forbids her to see Fyedka. When Golde brings news that Chava and Fyedka have eloped Tevye declares her dead to the family and he ponders where he went wrong Chaveleh Chava comes back to try to reason with him, but he ignores her. Meanwhile, there is news that the Russians are forcing Jewish villagers from their homes; the Constable comes to the people of Anatevka and tells them that they have 3 days to leave. Surprised and dismayed the villagers reminisce about the town Anatevka. Chava and Fyedka return to tell the family that they are leaving too Golde and the remaining sisters want to desperately talk to her, but dare not to in Tevye’s presence. Tevye, however, does mutter, “God be with you.” With that, the family leaves the town with the Fiddler following them out.

Musical numbers

Act I 

  • Prologue: Tradition - Tevye and the Company
  • Matchmaker - Tzeitel, Hodel and Chava
  • If I Were a Rich Man - Tevye
  • Sabbath Prayer - Tevye, Golde and the Company
  • To Life - Tevye, Lazar Wolf and the Company
  • Tevye’s Monologue - Tevye
  • Miracle of Miracles - Motel, Tzeitel
  • Tevye’s Dream - Tevye, Golde, Grandma Tzeitel, Fruma Sarah and the Company
  • Sunrise, Sunset - Tevye, Golde, Perchik, Hodel and the Company
  • The Bottle Dance - Instrumental
Act II 

  • Now I Have Everything - Perchik and Hodel
  • Tevye’s Rebuttal - Tevye
  • Do You Love Me? - Tevye and Golde
  • The Rumor - Yente and villagers
  • Far From the Home I Love - Hodel
  • Chaveleh (Little Bird) - Tevye
  • Anatevka - The Company
  • The Leave Taking - Tevye, Family and Fiddler