2001 – Annie Warbucks

Starting immediately where the first Annie left off, it’s Christmas morning and Annie and the other orphans are singing the closing bars of A New Deal for Christmas. Annie opens a big present to find her dog Sandy. Warbucks insists that she call him Daddy and Annie sings Annie Just Ain’t Annie Anymore. Annie, Daddy Warbucks, Grace and the rest of the orphans start singing again, when Simon Whitehead, Warbucks attorney, enters to discuss Warbucks income taxes. They leave them to talk when they are interrupted by Harriet Doyle, the Commissioner  of New York City’s Department of Child Welfare. She reveals that Daddy Warbucks has broken the law because he adopted Annie without being married and even though he may be rich and powerful, he is not Above the Law. Her assistant, Miss Clark is advised to remove Annie from Daddy Warbucks home when his attorney, Whitehead, suggests that Daddy Warbucks gets married quickly so he can keep Annie.  Commissioner Doyle gives him 60 days to get married and she allows Annie to stay with him during that time. Daddy Warbucks instructs Grace, who thinks she would make a suitable wife for him, to construct a list of eligible women for him to meet. Annie is upset at the fact that she will have to share her Daddy Warbucks with another woman Changes.

Back at the orphanage, Tessie is returned by a couple who thought they wanted to adopt her. Annie comes in and tells them the horrid news about Daddy Warbuck’s wife situation. She shows them pictures of each of the candidates and they nitpick each of them and find something wrong with each of them The Other Woman.

 A month later, Com. Doyle drops by to see how the process is going.  Warbucks has met over 100 women and none of them were right. Suddenly, an employee of Com. Doyle’s walks in, a sweet tempered Mrs. Florence Kelly.  Warbucks is smitten with her demeanor and offers her cab fare home. Meanwhile, Annie overhears Grace talking to someone in Washington about a job offer from President Roosevelt. She tells Annie that with Warbucks plans to marry, there will be no need for her around. Grace leaves and Annie devises a plan with the servants to convince Daddy Warbucks to marry Grace.

Putting their jobs on the line, the servants all talk highly of Grace to Warbucks That’s the Kind of Woman. Grace tells Daddy Warbucks that she had nothing to do with their advances and tells him that she will be leaving to go to Washington. Com. Doyle, who thinks Grace is too immature for Warbucks encourages her to go, while Warbucks tries to convince her to stay. Grace leaves and Annie confesses it was her that put the servants up to it. Warbucks tells her that he has no interest in Grace and that she would want A Younger Man.

Warbucks goes to Com. Doyle’s office to sign papers regarding their 60 day arrangement when he ends up conversing with Mrs. Kelly. He learns that she is from his old neighborhood, Hell’s Kitchen, that she was divorced and lost a child and that she has had a hard life But You Go On. Annie tries desperately to steal attention away from Mrs. Kelly but Warbucks is completely smitten with her. Com. Doyle enters and scolds Mrs. Kelly for socializing on the job and even though Warbucks demands her name be put on the list of eligible women, Com. Doyle won’t allow it. Warbucks then receives an urgent phone call from England and he must leave to go there at once. When everyone leaves, it is revealed that Mrs. Kelly is actually Sheila, Com. Doyle’s daughter and Com. Doyle is thrilled that Warbucks wants her. Above the Law Reprise

As Warbucks prepares to go to England, he signs a marriage license that his attorney drew up so when he returns he can marry a woman he already met and this mess will be done with. He asks Grace to gets things ready for when he returns and she reveals that she will be leaving to take the job in Washington. Annie becomes very distraught because she feels that Daddy Warbucks has no time for her and with Grace leaving, she has no one left and she feels its all her fault. She tells the other orphans that she’s running away to the west. I Got Me. Together, with Sandy, Annie runs away.

Annie finds her way to Tennessee and meets Reverend Alvin and Ella Paterson and their 10 yr old daughter C.G. when she is running away from Railroad police. She tells the Patersons that her name is Ruby Keeler and that she ran away because her father was getting married and he no longer wanted her around. Ella told Annie that she didn’t understand Love and that there is enough love for her and her father’s new bride. Annie  agrees to let the Paterson’s take her back to New York, she also says that they should claim the reward money; she reveals her true identity and the Patersons realize that they heard about her on the radio and think that the reward is $100.

 At the White House things are stopped because of the search for Annie; people start accusing the President of not ending the Great Depression because of the search. When the Paterson’s arrive with Annie they learn that the reward is actually $100,000. They also tell the President about the problems with the Tennessee River always flooding and causing problems Somebody’s Got to Do Something. Sheila Kelly, who is known to everyone as Florence Kelly, tells her mother that she is no longer wants to continue with their plot because she is fearful that they will be caught. Com. Doyle calms her daughter down and convinces her to continue on. Leave it to the Girls Grace overhears Com. Doyle call “Florence” Sheila and becomes suspicious of their relationship.

Celebrating Annie’s return on the Staten Island Ferry, the orphans sing All Dolled Up. Daddy Warbucks and Mrs. Kelly waltz together. Com. Doyle comes and tells Warbucks that he is violating his agreement to marry within 60 days, Warbucks proposes to Mrs. Kelly and the wedding is set for the following Wednesday. Everyone exits to go to dinner and Grace wishes Warbucks the best. It Would Have Been Wonderful

As everyone is getting ready for the wedding while Warbucks tries to reassure Annie that they will be happy with Mrs. Kelly. When You Smile  The orphans sing in the wedding march Wedding, Wedding and Rev. Paterson presides over the ceremony. Before he officially declares Warbucks and Mrs. Kelly man and wife, a cablegram comes in declaring that Warbucks is ruined and no longer wealthy. Mrs. Kelly tries to run out, but is stopped by Grace who reveals her true identity and in turn Com. Doyle’s reveals that the plot was actually Warbuck’s attorney’s Simon Whitehead. Whitehead hated the fact that a lower class Irish man, Warbucks, has more money than he, who was born into one of the wealthiest old money families in Boston. Annie tells Daddy Warbucks that it was actually Grace that sent the cablegram and that it was a fake to see if Mrs. Kelly really loved Warbucks.  Warbucks realizes that he is still rich and that he doesn’t have to get married, although he no longer thinks he is too old for Grace and asks for her hand in marriage. Annie tells the orphans that she always knew that there would be a happy ending I Always Knew.

Song list

  • A New Deal for Christmas
  • Annie Just Ain’t Annie Anymore
  • Above the Law
  • Changes
  • The Other Woman
  • That’s the Kind of Woman
  • A Younger Man
  • But You Go On
  • I Got Me
  • Love
  • Somebody’s Gotta Do Somethin’
  • Leave It to the Girls
  • All Dolled Up
  • It Would Have Been Wonderful
  • When You Smile
  • I Always Knew