2005 – Cinderella

A beautiful young woman, Cinderealla, is enslaved by her wicked stepmother and stepsisters, Minerva and Calliope. We meet her and her family on the village street as she sings “The Sweetest Sounds” and she bumps into a nice young gentleman who is also singing the song. (We find out later, that he is the Prince) While walking through the village, the King’s steward announces that the Prince is throwing a ball in order to find a girl to marry. Hysteria breaks out amongst the village people with the song “The Prince is Giving a Ball!” Every young maiden dreams of dancing with the Prince and having him fall in love with her, even Cinderella.

When her stepmother and stepsisters find out that she too wants to attend the event, they laugh at her and leave her to finish her chores around the house. With them gone, she slips into her own little world as she sings “In My Own Little Corner.”

As the big night draws near her stepmother does not allow her to go because instead of giving her time to get ready, she demands that she help her two daughters prepare for the ball instead. The stepmother sings “Falling In Love with Love.”

Broken hearted that she cannot go to the ball, Cinderella returns to her corner for the reprise of “In My Own Little Corner.”  While falling to a sob, her fairy Godmother appears and transforms her rags to a beautiful gown, a pumpkin to a magnificent coach and mice horses and the coachmen with the song “Impossible; It’s Possible.” With that she is off to the Ball, but the Godmother warns that the spell will be over by Midnight so she must return home by then.

When Cinderella arrives at the ball, the court is taken back by her beauty, so much so, that it catches the Prince’s eye. They dance and sing “Ten Minutes Ago” and “Do I Love You Because You’re Beautiful.” While the Prince and Cinderella dance the night away, the stepsisters join to sing “The Stepsister’s Lament” because of their jealousy over this mysterious girl whom they do not know is Cinderella.

Cinderella and the Prince where having a wonderful time that she didn’t even know that the clock was about to strike Midnight and when it does, she flees the castle, accidentally leaving behind one glass slipper. She rushes home just in time to be there before her stepmother and stepsisters arrive. They act like they had a wonderful time and they tell her that they got to dance with the Prince all night long. Cinderella tells them how she thinks an event like that would go, and recounts her night with the Prince by singing “A Lovely Night.” The stepmother listens closely to the song and realizes that the mystery woman at the ball was Cinderella. She quickly cuts her off and crushes her hopes of ever really being with the Prince.

Alone and saddened, Cinderella is again joined by the Fairy Godmother who tries to pick up her spirits. Cinderella realizes that her only true chance of happiness is to leave her family. Meanwhile, there is a kingdom wide search for the mystery woman. The Prince and his servant search the kingdom looking for the young maiden whose foot fits into the lone glass slipper. They end up at the Stepmother’s house and Stepmother and sisters try everything to hide Cinderella from meeting the Prince. But as she’s running away, she bumps into the Prince and he realizes that it was her all along. They kiss and he puts the glass slipper on her foot and they are married to the Fairy Godmother singing “There is Music in You.”


  1. Overture” (instrumental)
  2. The Sweetest Sounds” (Cinderella, Prince)
  3. The Prince Is Giving A Ball” (Herald and Chorus)
  4. In My Own Little Corner” (Cinderella)
  5. Royal Dressing Room Scene” (King, Queen, Chef, Steward)
  6. Falling In Love With Love” (Stepmother, Stepsisters)
  7. In My Own Little Corner” (Reprise) (Cinderella)
  8. Impossible; It’s Possible” (Cinderella and Fairy Godmother)
  9. Gavotte” (instrumental)
  10. Ten Minutes Ago” (Prince and Cinderella)
  11. Stepsisters’ Lament” (Stepsisters)
  12. Waltz for a Ball” (instrumental and Chorus)
  13. Do I Love You Because You’re Beautiful?” (Prince and Cinderella)
  14. When You’re Driving Through Moonlight” (Cinderella, Stepmother, Stepsisters)
  15. A Lovely Night” (Cinderella, Stepmother, Stepsisters)
  16. The Search” (instrumental)
  17. The Wedding” (instrumental)
  18. Mother And Daughter March” (instrumental)
  19. There is Music in You”