2007 – HONK! The Musical

Anxious father to be, Drake, tells us the story of life near the farmhouse in It’s a Poultry Tale as he awaits to hear news that his wife’s eggs have hatched. Ida, his wife, is found sitting, quite uncomfortably on the eggs as she becomes upset with Drake that he is never around. They also ponder over the very large egg that sits in their nest, much larger than the other three. Drake is convinced it’s a turkey egg, but Ida is certain its hers. As Drake leaves, Maureen, Ida’s friend comes in, and together they sing The Joys of Motherhood As the song ends, the four regular sized eggs begin to hatch to four adorable little ducks. Maureen goes off to find Drake to tell him the good news.  While they wait for Drake’s return Ida lays down some laws for her new ducklings. When Drake comes back he wants them all to go to the pond to go swimming, but Ida insists she stays until the larger egg hatches. Drake tries to convince to leave it but she won’t, instead she resumes her place on top of the egg and ponders why this one is so Different  Just then, the egg starts to move and out pops a large ungainly brown bird with a thunderous HONK! He can’t quack like the other ducks and Ida is at first afraid that he is a turkey; but after he didn’t get any response to the word “butterball” she quickly dismisses any worries and takes him down to the pond to teach him to swim. Hold Your Head Up High She quickly realizes that he is an excellent swimmer and takes him to meet his other siblings and his father. When the other animals on the shore see him they ridicule him and make fun of him, especially, his four other siblings Look at Him. Even his own Father questions Ugly, Ida tries desperately to protect him from their taunts, but soon the rest of the water fowl see him and join the name calling. Throughout all of the commotion over Ugly, no one notices the Cat, the nemesis to the duck yard, eyeing up Ugly and envisioning him as his lunch, but he quickly leaves before anyone can see him.

Ugly tries to fit in but when it comes time to take the school picture the other little ducklings push him out of the way. When Grace, Queen of the Barnyard, with her red band around her leg, comes to visit and all the other ducks politely “quack” at her, she becomes flustered when she gets to Ugly and he gives her a deep HONK! Tired of being made fun of Ugly goes off by himself and loathes in self pity Different Just then he is met by the Cat who sympathizes with him and convinces him to leave the barnyard and to come with him, when Ida realizes that Ugly is missing she organizes a search for him.

When the Cat and Ugly get back to his lair he promptly starts to prepare his lunch, with Ugly not knowing that he is the main course. Play With Your Food. By chance a baseball breaks the Cat’s window and knocks the Cat out. Ugly, never realizing the Cat’s true intentions, decides to go back home, but when he goes outside he realizes that he is lost.

Back at the barnyard the search has been called off and most fear that Ugly has been eaten by the Cat. The Elegy But Ida refuses to believe this and goes on “America’s Most Feathered” to share her heartbreaking story in hopes that someone has seen him Every Tear a Mother Cries She then leaves Drake to take care of the rest of the ducklings and she takes it upon herself to find her lost Ugly.

Ugly is still wandering around finds his way in a marsh and meets Greylag and his wife Dot, a stern admiral gander who has lost his wayward flock. He agrees that once he finds his flock that they will return him home to the barnyard. Greylag also tells him that the Cat is not his friend and he then assembles his flock and they start to fly him home The Wild Goose Chase The Cat appears and wants to take Ugly back to his mom, Greylag doesn’t trust him, but then the Cat points out that there are hunters out there and that is dangerous for them to fly right now but the Cat will tell them when its safe to fly again. Greylag reluctantly decides to wait for the Cat to give the clearing, when he does, and the geese start to fly, you hear gunshots; the Cat set them up to get shot. Ugly sees this and realizes that the Cat can never be trusted and he runs away and finds himself in an old woman’s cottage.

Inside the cottage he meets another cat Queenie and her confidant, a housetrained hen, Lowbutt. At first Ugly is afraid Queenie will eat him, but then she quickly dismisses that because she is highly domesticated and civilized, and she prefers seafood rather than large brown birds. It Takes All Sorts  Queenie realizes that Lowbutt is missing her favorite antiques show and turns on the tv to a channel playing “America’s Most Feathered” that is featuring Ida. Ugly recognizes Ida and yells “Mama!” Just then the Cat comes in poorly disguised as Drake, but when he sees Queenie he become infatuated with her and reveals that he is a Cat and together they dance a tango Together Lowbutt is upset that Queenie has taken a liking to the Cat and she fears that she will leave her. She tells Ugly to leave thus making the Cat chase him.

Meanwhile, back at the barnyard, Drake is having a tough time taking care of his now teenage ducklings Joys of Motherhood - Reprise The rest of the water fowl voice their opinions of Ida and her relentless search for Ugly The Collage

Ugly, who is again lost meets Penny, a beautiful swan, who invites him to join her and her flock who is flying south. He declines because he desperately wants to find his mom, but as she leaves him he hears her let out the same HONK that he does. It confuses him, but he still declares his love for her Now I’ve Seen You but is confident that she will forget him.

In comes a Bullfrog who tries to pick up Ugly’s spirit by teaching him that being different, whether its by physical appearances or by ideas, isn’t such a bad thing Warts and All Ugly soon realizes that its not that bad and bids the Frog goodbye as he continues his search for mother. Just then a bright line shines on Ugly and he is caught by a farmer who announces that Ugly will make a good dinner. As the farmer goes back to his truck to get something, the Cat reappears and gives Ugly a proposition; he will return Ugly to see his mother one last time then afterwards he must let the Cat eat him. Knowing that either way he dies, Ugly agrees to go with the Cat.

Together they venture through the winter and the Cat and Ugly become entombed in a snow drift The Blizzard Ida, who has searched far and wide, recognizes her duckling’s figure in a snowdrift and begins to sob because it is too late. Penny and her parents find Ida and Mother Swan and encourages her tears “for the warmth of a mother’s tears can thaw the stoniest frost.” As Ida turns away to cry, her tears do melt the ice and Ugly emerges, but he’s no longer Ugly, he has turned into a beautiful swan! He embraces his mother and he notices Penny Now I’ve Seen You - Reprise Ida sees that Ugly truly loves Penny and tells him to go with her and her family, as he leaves, she counts the swans in the skies and realizes that he is not with them. With that she hears a resounding HONK behind her and it is Ugly with Penny, he could not leave his mother.

Back on the barnyard everyone is amazed at Ugly’s transformation and apologize for their misbehavior towards him. Look at Him Reprise and now that she is no longer the most gracious bird in the barnyard, Grace, relinquishes her red band to Ugly.

Act One

SCENE I - Various locations around the duckyard. Spring.

  • 1. A Poultry Tale - Drake, Ida, Turkey, Henrietta, Maureen, Cat, Grace
  • 2. The Joy of Motherhood - Ida, Maureen
  • 3. Different (Pre-Reprise) - Ida
  • 4. Hold Your Head Up High - Ida, Ugly, Fish
  • 5. Look At Him - Ida, Drake, Ugly, Henrietta, Turkey, Cat, Grace, Ducklings, Maureen
  • 6. Different - Ugly
  • 6a. French Ting! - Instrumental
  • 6b. Do Tell Mama - Instrumental

SCENE II - The Cat’s lair, inside one of the farm buildings

  • 7. Play With Your Food - Cat, Ugly
  • 7a. Lost - Ugly

SCENE III - The duckyard, later that evening

  • 8. The Elegy - Company
  • 9. Every Tear A Mother Cries - Ida

SCENE IV - The marsh. A late summer morning

  • 9a. Goose March - Instrumental
  • 10. The Wild Goose Chase - Greylag Dot, Snowy, Barnacles, Pinkfoot, Ugly, Cat
  • 11. Act One Finale: Hold Your Head Up High (Reprise) - Ida, Ugly

Act Two

SCENE I - The Old Woman’s Cottage. Late Summer

  • 11a. Entr’acte - Instrumental
  • 12. It Takes All Sorts - Queenie, Lowbutt
  • 13. Hold Your Head Up High (Reprise) - Ugly, Queenie, Lowbutt
  • 13a. Tom Cat Sting - Instrumental
  • 14. Together - Cat, Queenie, Lowbutt

SCENE II - The Duckyard. Late autumn

  • 15. The Collage - Drake, Ida. Company

SCENE III - A collage, various locations.

SCENE IV - A ditch on the moors. Late autumn

  • 16. Now I’ve Seen You - Ugly
  • 16a. Pre-Warts - Instrumental
  • 17. Warts And All - Bullfrog, Ugly, Froglets, Company
  • 17a. Warts-Off - Instrumental
  • 17b. Post-Warts - Instrumental
  • 18. The Blizzard - Company

SCENE V - The open countryside. Late winter

  • 19. Transformation - Ugly, Ida, Penny
  • 19a. Melting Moggy - Cat

SCENE VI - The duckyard. Early spring

  • 20. Act Two Finale: Look At Him (Reprise) - Company
  • 21. Curtain Calls (Bows) - Instrumental
  • 21a. Curtain Calls: Warts And All (Reprise) - Company



Characters Description
Ugly The ugly duckling, gawky and odd-looking, good swimmer
Drake Ugly’s father, who shuns Ugly at first, and when he realizes Ugly is a swan, he acts like he always knew it
Ida Ugly’s Mother, the only one supportive of him
Ducklings Ugly’s siblings (Beaky, Fluff, Billy, Downy) high pitched cute voices
Cat Trying to eat Ugly, sly and cunning, sometimes portrayed with a French accent
Maureen Ida’s best friend, but best friends with Henrietta too; a moorhen
Grace Most distinguished duck on the lake








Maggie Pie/Jay Bird


Neighbor, Maureen’s best friend, a little snooty towards Ida  

Headmaster of the barnyard


Domesticate Cat


Domesticated Hen, friend of Queenie’s


TV Journalist, very “in your face”

Barnacles, Pinkfoot, Snowy Members of the Goose Squadron
Penny A beautiful Swan, Ugly’s girlfriend
Father Swan Penny’s father, Mother Swan’s husband
Mother Swan Penny’s mother, Father Swan’s wife
Bewick A swan from Penny’s family


Boy & Girl Voice Only
Bullfrog Laid-back, self-confident frog
Duckyard Animals Various poultry, such as quail, pheasants, ducks, chickens, etc.
Farmer Voice Only
Froglets Children of Bullfrog
Old Woman Owner of Queenie and Lowbutt (Voice Only)