2009 – The Music Man

Story Line

A group of traveling salesmen on a train are discussing the subject of credit Rock Island when one mentions a man who goes by “Professor” Harold Hill. This con man goes from town to town promising to form a great band with instruments and uniforms but leaves with the money before the town knew what happened. When the train arrives in River City, Iowa, a man that was quiet throughout the train ride stands up and says “Gentleman, you’ve intrigued me. I think I’ll have to give Iowa a try.” With that he walks out showing off his briefcase that has “Professor Harold Hill” on it.

The Iowa people great him with their cold shoulder attitude Iowa Stubborn. Harold runs into his old friend, Marcellus, who informs him that the only person who knows anything about music is the town’s librarian, Marion. Harold also takes notice to the new billiard parlor, owned by Mayor Shinn, and uses it as a part of his scheme by telling the townspeople that the billiard parlor is the devil’s tool Trouble. Harold then tries to flirt with Marion, but she rejects him. When she arrives home to give a piano lesson she tells her mother about the strange man and his advances Piano Lesson/If You Don’t Mind Me Saying So. Afterwards, her student, Amaryllis asks who she should say goodnight to on the evening star because she doesn’t have anyone, Marion advises her to say Goodnight My Someone.

The next day is Independence Day and the Mayor has his wife, Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn start the festivities in the high school gym Columbia, Gem of the Ocean. Harold comes in and again reminds the townspeople about the wayward ways of the billiard hall and tells them about his idea to save the town with a children’s band 76 Trombones. Since the billiard parlor is his, Mayor Shinn gets the feuding school board members to Harold’s credentials, but Harold turns them into a barbershop quartet in order to place their interests elsewhere Ice Cream/Sincere. Harold also sets up the Mayor’s eldest daughter, Zaneeta, with the wrong side of the tracks boy, Tommy Djilas, whom he also asked to be his assistant with the band. Harold runs into Marion and again tries to flirt with her and once again she ignores him. He explains his frustration with Marion to Marcellus The Sadder But Wiser Girl  Eulalie and the townswomen are very excited for the band and because Harold told them that he will be forming a Women’s Dance Committee, which they will all be a part of. They also gossip to him about Marion because she had an inappropriate relationship with old miser Madison who left the library building to River City, but he left all the books to her Pick-A-Little-Talk-A-Little. They also tell him that she advocates dirty books, like Chaucer and Balzac. The school board members come back to collect Harold’s credentials but he gets them singing Goodnight Ladies and he slips away.

The next day, Harold goes to the library to see Marion and confess his love for her Marion the Librarian. At first she ignores him but then she gets caught up in the moment and dances with him.. Harold signs up all the children for the band, including Winthrop, Marion’s younger brother who is self-conscious and quiet because of his lisp. Gary, Indiana. Mrs. Paroo, Marion’s mother, doesn’t understand why Marion doesn’t like Harold and Marion tells her of her dream man My White Knight. Marion has also found evidence against Harold Hill in the Indiana State Educational Journal, and tries to tell Mayor Shinn that he’s a fraud, but everyone is too excited for The Wells Fargo Wagon that is coming with their band instruments. Winthrop, who is really excited to be in the band, forgets about his lisp and joins in, something Marion has never seen before. She rips the incriminating page out of the book and gives the Journal to Mayor Shinn.

The ladies dance team is rehearsing in the gym as so are the school board members It’s You when Marcellus and the kids come in to dance the Shipoopi  Harold takes a reluctant Marion into the dance and dances with her. Afterwards, the “Pick a little” ladies all swarm around Marion and praise her for her dancing with Harold. They also tell her that Harold advised them to read the “dirty” books that she always recommended and they love them Pick-A-Little, Talk-A-Little Reprise

Later that night, the school board members try to get Harold’s credentials and yet again he gets them singing Lida Rose Marion is on her front porch pondering if she would ever tell Harold how she truly feels about him Will I Ever Tell You when a traveling salesman, Charlie Cowell (who was on the train in the beginning) enters asking her where he can find the mayor. He needs to see him quickly because he needs to tell him that Harold is a fraud before his train leaves. Marion tries to delay him so he won’t have time to find the Mayor and she eventually kisses him. The train whistle blows and Charlie runs to try and catch his train but not before telling her that Harold has a girl in every county. Harold enters and after talking to him, she realizes all the horrible things Charlie said about Harold were untrue and she agrees to meet him on the footbridge where she tells him how she really feels Till There Was You. Marcellus interrupts to tell Harold that the band uniforms have arrived and that he should leave before the townspeople find out that the kids never rehearsed and that they don’t know how to play the instruments. Marion tells him that she knows that he is a fraud but she doesn’t care because she loves him anyways. On the way home he sings 76 Trombones and she sings Goodnight, My Someone but when they both think about how much they love the other they end up singing the other one’s song.

Charlie Cowell missed the train and goes to the Ice Cream Social to tell the Mayor and the townspeople about Harold’s con. The townspeople become outraged and demand Harold’s presence. Winthrop takes the news especially hard, but Marion tells him that she believed everything that Harold said and tried to remind everyone that Harold has brought music and life back into the town. The townspeople handcuff and take Harold away.

The Mayor holds a meeting in the gym to figure out what to do with Harold and keeps on asking “Where is the band?” With that Tommy, as drum major, walks in with all the town kids marching in behind him. Marion urges Harold, who is afraid to hear the awful sound that will come out because none of them know how to play, to lead the band. Much to his surprise when the horrendous sound comes out of all the instruments the parents of the children are absolutely thrilled and like most parents, think that their children’s horrible playing is perfect. Harold is left off the hook and he and Marion get married.

Character List

Professor Harold Hill - A manipulative but charming con man, falls for Marion

Marion Paroo - Librarian who dodges Hill’s advances but ultimately falls for him

Mrs. Paroo - Marion’s Irish mother who just wants her to get married

Winthrop Paroo - Marion’s lisping younger brother

Amaryllis - Marion’s piano student

Mayor George Shinn - Mayor of River City

Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn - The Mayor’s wife

Zaneeta - Mayor’s eldest ditzy daughter, like Tommy Djilas

Gracie - Mayor’s youngest daughter

Marcellus Washburn - Harold’s old friend that lives in River City

Tommy Djilas - A teenager from the other side of town, likes Zaneeta

Pickalittle ladies - Eulalie’s gossipy friends:

            Alma Hix

            Maud Dunlop

            Ethel Toffelmier

            Dolores Squires

Barbershop Quartet - Four bickering school board members

Charlie Cowell - A traveling salesman that tries to expose Hill

Traveling Salesmen



Songs and music

Act I 

  • Rock Island” - Salesmen, Charlie, Harold
  • Iowa Stubborn” - Townspeople of River City, Farmer, Farmer’s Wife
  • Trouble” (a.k.a. “Ya Got Trouble”, “Trouble in River City”) - Harold, Townspeople
  • Piano Lesson” - Marian, Mrs. Paroo, Amaryllis
  • Goodnight, My Someone” - Marian
  • Seventy-six Trombones” - Harold, Boys and Girls
  • Sincere” - Quartet (Olin Britt, Oliver Hix, Ewart Dunlop, Jacey Squires)
  • The Sadder-But-Wiser Girl” - Harold, Marcellus
  • Pick a Little, Talk a Little” - Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn and the Ladies
  • Goodnight Ladies” - Quartet
  • Marian The Librarian” - Harold
  • My White Knight” - Marian
  • The Wells Fargo Wagon” - Winthrop, Townspeople
Act II 

  • It’s You” - Quartet, Eulalie and Ladies
  • Shipoopi” - Marcellus Washburn, Harold, Marian, Tommy Djilas, Zaneeta Shinn and Kids
  • Pick a Little, Talk a Little” (Reprise)- Eulalie, Ladies
  • Lida Rose” - Quartet
  • Will I Ever Tell You?” - Marian
  • Gary, Indiana” - Winthrop, Marian, Mrs. Paroo
  • Lida Rose” (Reprise)- Quartet
  • Till There Was You” - Marian, Harold
  • Seventy-six Trombones” / “Goodnight, My Someone” (Reprise)- Marian, Harold
  • Till There Was You” (Reprise)- Harold
  • Finale” - Company